Tuesday 14 July 2015

Bubble Barber at home with Paddy's Bathroom!

For most kids getting dirty is so much fun so why shouldn't bath time be fun too!?

That's where Paddy's Bathroom step in, with their new and exciting range of certified organic and natural toiletries especially designed with little ones in mind. Paddy's Bathroom products are created by the brand founder (Paul Lindley) of Ella's kitchen and you can certainly see the resemblance in the packaging and design. 

We were recently invite to come and join in with an event Paddy's Bathroom were holding, creating a bubble barber's for little ones to come and have their hair styled in any way they wish all made from bubbles! Unfortunately the event was just a little too far away for us to attend and we were all a little disappointed. So im sure you can imagine our excitement when we received a bundle of Paddy's Bathroom products to create our very own Bubble Barber at home! 

We had loads of fun and both James and Evelyn were sporting funky bubble hair do's including horns for James and a bouffant for Evelyn. We used a mixture of the bubble bath and foaming body wash/mousse to create our bubble barber hair do's. 

The first thing that hit me was the amazing smell coming from the box before I had even opened it. It was a fresh, fruity, vibrant aroma and so I hurriedly opened the box to see what was inside. 

The Paddy's Bathroom range consists of - 

Squirty Stuff, Foaming hair and body wash - Pineapple
Squirty Stuff Foaming hair and body wash - Mangoes 
Stuff for hands Foaming hand wash - Lemon
Bubbly Stuff Bubble bath - Tangerine 
Stuff for shiny hair shampoo - Lemon
Foamy Stuff foaming hair and body mousse - Rosy apples

As well as smelling great and being lots of fun the range is super gentle and kind to little ones skin and is sting free for little ones eyes too! The range also contains NO sls, parabens, phthalates, sulphates or GMO ingredients. 

A little certainly goes a long way too with Paddy's Bathroom products! A splash of the bubble bath filled our bathroom with a fresh scent of tangerine and a bath FULL to the brim with bubbles. The same goes for the foaming wash a few small squirts in the palm of your hand if plenty to wash all over. 

The entire range of Paddy's Bathroom toiletries can be brought from Boots, Ocado and selected Tesco's stores and prices ranging from £4.49 - £5.99 each. You can find out more about the whole range on the Paddy's Bathroom website here - www.paddysbathroom.com.

What style would you create using the Paddy's Bathroom range? 


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  1. This looks great. I thought it looked familiar! Love natural products for the kids. My kids love to have a mohican lol x

  2. Awesome! This looks fab, I'm sure my children would love this. And natural too. :) Lovely post. xx

  3. We love Paddy's bathroom goodies here. The lemon foam hand wash is great and encouraged my little monkey to wash is hands because he loved how it felt on his hands. xx popping over from mummy2monkeys xx

  4. aww not heard of these but love trying new bath products.

  5. love love love any natural products. You kids look cute with the fluff on their hair we always do this in the bath. xx

  6. These look fab! I've been looking for a range that are great for my boys and these look so fun and playful but I also need something that is good on sensitive skin as one of my boys has eczema. Glad to read about these products.

  7. Sounds like you got some really loving products and such a nice range. I do not have kids but I am sure my nephew would love these he loves his bubble bath

  8. I'd not heard of these but they look fun and if it convinces Emmy to wash her hair I'd happily use