Sunday 9 August 2015

Save a Life, Learn to Swim with Swimshop!

I have always loved swimming, there was just something about being in the pool that made me feel happy and free. When I had children I knew that an important thing for me was getting them into the water, ensuring they felt safe and happy in the water and ensuring they learnt to swim as soon as possible. 

Not only is it important for children to learn to swim as soon as possible so that they can enjoy the pool but it is also a very important life skill. It is a skill that could very well save their life some day and whilst we all know you shouldn't leave children alone near water, we also all know how inquisitive they can be and just how easy it is to turn away for just a few seconds! Teaching your child to swim early really could be the difference between life and death in situations like these. 

A recent study found that 57% of children between 7-11 years old cannot swim. In a bid to change this Swimshop are running a ‘Save a Life, Learn to Swim’ campaign. Swimshop have also put together some fun swimming games you can do as a family to increase your child’s confidence in the water.

Both James and Evelyn attend swimming lessons and bath have loved water from babies which has made taking them swimming much easier! James has been attending weekly lessons at our local leisure centre for almost 2 years now and his confidence in the water has sky rocketed. Not only do swimming lessons teach your child to swim but they also teach them water confidence and most importantly water safety which is so important. 

If you are able to my advice would be to take your children swimming regularly, just being in the water will give them more confidence. Make bath times fun as this will make water seem less daunting and if you can swimming lessons really can be fantastic. Encourage kids to splash their own faces with water, to learnt o float and how to safely get to the side of the pool if they need to. 

To help your children get swimming and enjoy being in the pool, Swimshop have very kindly given us 2 sets of swim floats and arm bands to giveaway to our readers!

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  1. Start them early, so they aren't scared of the water.

  2. start from birth building water confidence, splashing in the tub, trickling water over them even swim lessons!

  3. Start then early and always show them how much fun you are having the more you smile the more they smile and enjoy swimming x

  4. Start swimming as soon as they have had there inoculations

  5. Having fun in the bath and paddling pool, then take to swimming pool to build confidence with swimming lessons

  6. I'd say go as often as you can to get used to it

  7. Start swimming with lots of fun and laughs to avoid nerves x