Tuesday 26 January 2016

Evelyn at 19 Months.

Its been a little while since I have written an update on Evelyn but this last month or so she has become such a little character I just had to share a little update with you all.

(Just look at that wild hair, its seriously curly and un-tameable!) 

Evelyn is now 19 months old and certainly knows what she wants and how to get it! She is confidently walking and even trying to run which is causing a fair few bumps. Since she has started walking confidently and more often we have noticed that her left foot/ leg turn inwards slightly and this is causing her to trip over sometimes, much to Evelyn's frustration. She has a doctors appointment this week so hopefully this will shed some light on the problem.

Evelyn adores walking as I mentioned before and exploring the world around her, it means walking anywhere takes 4 x as long but it is totally worth it to see the excitement in her face at the simple things the world has to offer. She also loves swimming as it becoming quite the confident little water baby. Evelyn is happy to splash, kick her legs and thinks its hilarious going under the water and splashing back up, shouting "again again" each time you do it. She also loves books and James loves reading to Evelyn which is lovely to watch. Her favourite toys are her baby + pushchair and her Twirlywoos toys which also get pushed around in the pushchair!

Bedtimes are getting easier after we went through a very tiring stage of night wakings and feedings which we can only put down to growth and development spurts and teething but these seem to been fading out now. Nap times are very much hit and miss with Evelyn choosing to completely miss a nap one day and enjoy 90+ minutes on other days, therefore we are very much Evelyn led when it comes to naps and just take each day as it comes.

My little chatter box doesn't stop talking now a days! She is a little sponge when it comes to words and will happily attempt to repeat words you say and is just starting to put words together (yesterday in the car on the way to school she said "love you James" in her own very cute way). She certainly understands more now too, such as asking her to put her shoes on and she goes straight to her shoes and attempts to put them on.

James and Evelyn are still amazing together and their relationship only seems to grow stronger and closer as Evelyn gets older and more able to take part in games etc much to James delight. We do have a few tears at school some mornings when James has to go to school and she tries to get in to school with him, she is ever so happy when its time to go pick her brother up and always wants a hug when he appears at the school door.

I am absolutely loving her at this age at the moment and whilst the strong willed tantrums are extremely draining the pro's certainly out weight the cons. I adore watching her explore the world taking it all in at her own level and pace. Her independence is a joy to watch as is her relasionship with her brother. Each day seems to bring a new word or a new skill she has mastered and it is lovely watching her grow even if I think she is growing way to fast!


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