Thursday 14 January 2016

James is starting Beavers!

Since I mentioned the idea of Beavers to James when he was around 5 he has been desperate to go. He adores being outdoors and relishes in interacting with other children so I knew Beavers would be something he would love.

I placed his name on the list last summer knowing he wouldn't be able to start until he was 6 as this is the minimum age but thinking I had got a head start by placing his name on the list. It turns out I wasn't half early enough and the waiting lists for the Beavers groups around by us are huge! After a few mishaps with waiting lists etc and thinking we were getting a place then not and James becoming rather frustrating at wanting to start we finally got given a place a few weeks ago. 

James has his first Beavers meeting tonight and insisted we headed out to buy him a uniform last weekend which I was hesitant to do as I wanted him to try it out first, however he does look very cute in his uniform! 

James arrived home from his first Beavers meeting this evening buzzing with excitement and had a beaming smile on his face. He was so excited to tell me all about it and all the people there I was extremely proud of him and how well he adapts to new situations. He told me all about the French flag and that they had been learning about where France was on the map, apparently next week they are learning about Germany! I loved seeing that joy, happiness and excitement on his little face, after all that's what we all want from our children isn't it for them to be happy. 

James can't wait for his next meeting next week and although I am excited for his part of me is feeling very nervous and anxious. I know that a camp trip or a day out with his Beavers group will be on the cards at some point and im not ready for my baby boy to be growing up and becoming a little explorer and adventurer without me!

Did you or have any of your children joined the Scouts? 



  1. I was in the brownies when I was little, which I guess is kinda similar, and I absolutely loved it. My daughter goes to girls brigade every week, she's been going since the was 4 and she adores it.

  2. How exciting for him!! I know I was so nervous when my daughter started girl scouts but she loves it!! My son just started cub scouts this year and is loving it as well.

  3. aww this brings back memories. My eldest loved Beavers. I remember trying to sew the badges on ...eek!

  4. Both of my kids did scouts, and the experiences they had were incredible. They did so many unique things!