Sunday 15 May 2016

My Weight loss Journey - The Beginning!

Weight is something most of us have worried about in the past, whether its loosing weight, gaining weight, toning up or getting fitter we never seem to be 100% happy with our weight.

For me my weight is something I have struggled with for quite some time, probably since I first met my now husband almost 10 years ago! I was at college and grabbing food on the go and when I fell pregnant I used to snack rather than eating proper meals whilst at work, then eat rubbish when I got home because I felt to tired to cook. This continued and has done since then and the weight has crept on. Fizzy drinks, sweet treats and larger portions of rubbish food are all part of the problem and all this has to change.

Now I am overweight and feeling very self conscious and its no way to live at all. I hate swimming, going to the beach and even cover up so my husband can't see me. I worry about what impact my lack of body confidence and poor relationship with food is having on my children too and its time I did something about it!

For me this journey is not just about weight loss its about becoming fitter, happier and more confident. Its about being able to run around with my kids without being out of breath. Its about being able to go swimming or go clothes shopping without feeling self conscious about my size. Its about jumping on rides at the funfair without worrying I won't fit. Mostly its about being happy and not letting my weight dictate my lifestyle.

I ummed and ahhed about posting this picture, for me this represents everything I have tried to hide, everything I hate but I know that to start my journey I must first be honest to myself about where I started so here it is, me right now unedited, raw and at the beginning of my journey.

Each week I will be posting a weight loss diary sharing my week, how it went and my progress. I will also be sharing what I did that week food wise, exercise wise and if I have tried out any new products I will be sharing those with you too! I am also hoping to include some reviews on the blog of products I have found particularly useful so keep an eye out for those!

I would love it if you would join me in sharing your weighloss stories, results and tips each week on my posts!

Good Luck for all those of you on your own journey too, we can do this.



  1. Want to say well done on your weight loss journey. Its really not easy but you are doing great

  2. Well done on taking such a big step - I know how hard it is! And bravo for sharing your pictures x

  3. Good luck on starting uour journey. I know how hard it can be!

  4. Good luck. I'm on a journey. Have been going two years but almost 58 pounds down! Still a long way to go! Angela from daysinbed

  5. Good luck on your journey. I used to share my progress on my blog, get to week 12 and go oh well lol! Please don't do that. Carry on. I'm back to square one and pushing forward again too!