Tuesday 24 May 2016

Weight Loss Diary - Week 1.

Well its the end of my first week on my weight loss journey and I am not going to lie I have found it tough!

I decided not to weigh myself last week, I didn't want the first week to be all about the numbers on the scales but more about getting back to healthy eating, cutting out the junk food and finding my love for cooking from scratch again.
I will start weighing myself from this week onward and from next week will be sharing how many lbs I have (hopefully) lost each week in case you wish to follow my journey. I will also be taking pictures once a month and sharing these to in the hope that seeing some weight loss will keep my spurred on!

This week I have upped my water intake, fruit and veg intake and focused more on what im eating and how much. I have to admit I have felt so much better in myself already! I used to start getting lethargic and tired around 2pm which has totally stopped this week, I am also finding it easier to get to sleep at night and even finding it easier to get up n the mornings which is unheard of especially for the school run!

I have switched from picking at foods like crisps and toasties to salads for lunch often adding chicken or lean meats for flavour. I have made my portions smaller and got back in to cooking in the evenings and making things from scratch rather than over replying on quick and convenient foods. Breakfast is something I need to work on this week as I often skip it whilst rushing around in the mornings before getting the kids to school, but then when mid morning hits and I start getting peckish this is when I am most at risk of picking I think.

How is everyone else doing this week?


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