Saturday 25 June 2016

James is moving School!

James has been at his current school for almost 2 years now and whilst I won't want to go in to any details about the reasons why, lets just say it was lots of small things rather than one big issue. We decided to look at moving James to a new school. 

We found a lovely local school which had actually been our second choice when we did the applications back when James started school and we were excited to learn about a place soon becoming available. I nervously filled out the in year  school applications form and sent it off to our local council, if  I am honest I didn't really believe we would get the space. However much to all our surprise James was offered the space and was able to start whenever he wanted! 

It was obviously a big decision for all of us but James the most and now that we had a place secured if we wanted it, I wanted him to be sure of his own decision. I took him along to visit the school, meet the teachers and just get a general feel of how the school was. He absolutely loved it! I don't know if it was the forest school or outdoor area that sold it for him but he came out of our look around with a huge smile on his face which made me feel much happier about our initial decision to consider moving him. 

We sat down with James that evening and talked to him about his options and what each choice would mean. Whilst he may only be 6 and a half I felt that he was old enough to have an input in the decision, after all its him that will be attending the school and its his journey. He confidently chose the new school and we asked the same questions several times over the next 2 weeks and every time we got the same answer, the new school was his choice. 

So the decision has been made a new school chosen and now a date set for him to move. He will be starting his new school this Monday, I am feeling overwhelmed with emotions at the moment as I just want him to settle well and make new friends. As parents that is all we ever want isn't it, our children to be happy and know they are loved. This has been a huge change and decision for all of us and my emotions and nerves are all over the place at the moment. 

I have met lots of the mums and teachers of the new school and they all seem so lovely and friendly I am hoping the children will be just the same making James transition between schools as easy as can be. 

(James saying goodbye to his teachers on his last day!)

Keep an eye out for an update as I will be popping a few pictures up of him in his new uniform and letting you all know how he got on in his first week. 

Have you ever moved a child to a new school? How did your child get on once moved? 



  1. I never moved schools - I hope all goes well for James!


  2. Aww! It sounds like a lovely school. I hope he settles in OK. Good luck x

  3. Hope the presents went down well, hope all goes well tomorrow x

  4. It does sound lovely - I hope all goes smoothly and well :) Kaz x

  5. My kids both moved schools funnily enough and it turned out brilliantly! My son said that the last two years - at his second school - were the best of his life. I hope it turns out really well for yours and you too. Good luck and thinking of you!