Sunday 3 July 2016

Soak & Sleep Bedding **REVIEW**

It doesn't get much better than fresh new bed sheets when you slip in to bed, so when we were offered some new bedding from the Soak & Sleep range I jumped at the chance!

Soak & Sleep aim to provide fantastic bed and bath products for a lot less than those on the high street whilst still maintaining a high quality. Soak & Sleep have stripped away the glossy advertising and fancying bags instead opting for their team to travel the planet and commission the finest products they could find at the prices they could afford keeping luxury in mind. The Soak & Sleep aim is simple, gorgeous home comforts, honestly priced, all powered by great customer service and that is exactly what you receive with Soak & Sleep. 

Our bedroom is quite neutral in colour (we are hoping to add a feature wall but can't decide on wall paper!) so I went for this gorgeous grey luxury embroidered bed linen and a beautiful quilted bedspread to accompany it in the stone colourway.

When the items arrived I could immediately tell these were top quality! They arrived quickly and well packaged with the bedspread coming in a large clear plastic zip bag which could easily be saved and used to store the bedspread when not in use.

The bed linen features a beautiful embroidered design which is finished with a flourish of mother of pearl buttons for that elegant touch. This has a 220 thread count and is amazingly soft. The design is chic and classic with the elegant touches from the embroidery, makes this a lovely set which could easily fit in to so many decor styles and feels amazing.

We ordered the double size to fit our bed and it fit perfectly. The pillows didn't slip around in the case and the duvet was secured with the   at the bottom of the duvet cover keeping everything in place throughout the night.

I haven't had a bed spread on my bed before but I am not sure I could ever be without now I have one! It really finishes off the bed and the over all look of the room. The Classic cotton quilted bedspread is a beautiful, vintage-style bedspread with a practical cotton casing which is washable too. I have found it the perfect thickness to sleep under in the summer too when the duvet is just too warm. 

If you like the look of our bed set up and want to purchase your own, or you want to check out the full (and amazing!) range Soak & Sleep have to offer you can check out their website here - www.soakandsleep.com


** I was provided these items free of charge, I then produced this review. All photos, words and opinions are my own. **

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  1. I love that gorgeous lace design.