Thursday 25 August 2016

The funny realities of family life.

As a pregnant first time mum I had all of these ideas whizzing around my head about how family life was going to be. Cuddles in bed in the mornings, family strolls on the beach and eating dinner together a family at the table each evening.

But lets face it whilst those idea's are lovely, and do happen occasionally the reality of family life is much different (and often much more amusing!).

Today I thought I would share with you some of our "realities of family life" that we can look back on and have a good laugh about now and for years to come. Please do share yours too in the comments I would love to hear them.

Before I had kids I imagined the kids climbing in to our bed in the mornings and us all having cuddles in bed watching a bit of weekend tv whilst we all woke up.

The reality is that around 5am I am given a wake up call by a child hollering across the hall that they need a drink and want breakfast (at 5am!!). Then I am usually greeted by Evelyn who has managed to strip most of her pyjama's off and thinks its absolutely hilarious to evade my attempts to redress her. All whilst I am shhing the kids to not stomp like rhinos in a herd as our neighbours may be sleeping.

I imagined us having lovely strolls along the beach in the summer and pulling on our welly boots and going out to jump in muddy puddles in the winter. Enjoying nature and being able to educate our kids as we went.

The reality is that whilst we do attempt these walks they don't always turn out so well. Our stroll along the beach on holiday results in Evelyn having a meltdown because being the cruel parent I am, I wouldn't let her out to sea to hold a wind turbine!? The winter welly walks usually result in someone falling in mud (usually James), heck sometimes we don't even make it out of the street without someone needing a change of clothes.

That weaning stage, we all promise ourselves we will cook home cooked well balanced meals and finally we would be able to sit at the table together. I was so looking forward to sitting around the table eating out dinner and sharing stories about our days.

The reality is meal times are fun but messy! I do cook the home cooked meals but usually the veg is left and anything that looks remotely like a vegetable is quickly dismissed. The chat is more along the lines of "please at your dinner" or "no toes on the table" or even " please your your fork not your face to get food off the plate". To be honest if dinner doesn't break out in a food fight I consider it pretty successful.

Whilst at the time these situations seemed stressful we always look back on them and laugh at just how funny they are. How different our views of family life change once you become a parent.

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Please do share your realities of family life I would love to hear them.


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  1. 'fun but messy' is a great descriptor of what family life is like.