Thursday 20 October 2016

The Grossery Gang - Mushy Slushy play set **REVIEW**

We were recently asked if James would like to review the new Grossery Gang Mushy Slushy play set from Flair and with the word Gross in its name I knew it would be a hit with James, we of course agreed!

If its gross, smelly or just looks funky its sure to be a hit with James and that is why I knew he would love this set so much.

The Grossery Gang are the craziest grossest collectibles around with attitude to match. There are over 150 characters to collect over 6 gangs, make sure you keep an eye out for ultra-rare and special edition characters too.

The Mushy Slushy play set lets you launch your figures into the slushy machine, pull the leaver and watch them fall into the slushy cup below. The Mushy Slushy play set includes 2 exclusive characters Rotten Raspberry and Grimey Lime too.

(Launching out Grossery Gang figure into the cup!)

We really like that the Mushy Slushy play set is ready to play with as soon as it is out of the box, it doesn't really require any assembly or stickers adding just un-box, remove your figure and play its really that simple! Perfect for when you have children at your ankles wanting to play immediately. The actions within the play set are easy to grasp too so no frustrated children trying to work out how to use it, just lots of gross fun to be had.

The Grossery Gang Mushy Slushy play set is priced at just £14.99 which I feel is great value. It has so far provided hours of fun for James and even Evelyn has enjoyed launching the figures. I love that the set can be added to with the addition of more characters and so never gets boring.

Have you heard of the Grossery Gang before?


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