Friday 9 June 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday Evelyn!

Well this has come round quickly and hit me hard, how on earth can my baby girl be turning 3 today!?

I'm not going to say where has the time gone, I've felt every moment of it... heck we haven't even mastered bed time yet! But I have adored being able to spend every minute of my day with you Evelyn.

Seeing you smile for the first time, take your first steps and talk for the very first time. Now I'm about to watch you grow up (way to quickly for my liking) and head off to nursery, and I know your super excited because you want to be just like your brother. But I'm going to miss you just like I did James too.

I don't know whether its because you have your big brother to look up to but my gosh Evelyn you are determined. You know what you want, how your going to get and hell hath no fury on those who get in your way! Your head strong and beautiful and I love that you aren't afraid to show the world your bubbly diva like personality and always with a smile on your face.

When you came along you completed our family and we couldn't have been happier, you make us smile every single day even on the days I didn't think it was possible. Your cheeky and loud and a real mummy's girl but you have such a sensitive side too
You love cuddles and especially love it when we stroke your neck or back when you roll your eyes back and totally relax. You have your very special "blabley" (blanket for you and I) who you wouldn't be without, he's your comfort when your sad, sleepy or happy.

Evelyn I want to say Thank You. You have shown me what confidence looks like and allowed me to become stronger by learning from you. You have no fear just an amazing imagination, a want to learn and the desire to smile. I never want you to lose those things and I will do everything in my power to tell you every day to never change who you are, be strong, be determined, be you... even if you are a diva at times!

Happy Birthday baby girl, I love you to the moon and the stars!


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  1. Aww! Happy birthday to your girl. I hope she has had a fab day. She's such a cutie x