Thursday 31 August 2017

Evelyn is starting pre-school!

As I sit here now labelling up Evelyn's coat and get new water bottle I think back to before I had her, the worry I had about how I would adapt to being a parent of two and of course whether I was having a little boy or a little girl!

Then on Monday 9th June 2014 Evelyn came bursting into the world with an almighty cry, giving us a glimpse into the diva she was going to be as she grew. Evelyn certainly hasn't been the most easy baby or toddler for that matter. Meal times are trying at best and even now 3 years on we still haven't cracked bed time or sleeping through. But saying all that she has brought us so much joy, so much happiness and so many moments of laughter.

There have been moments where I felt like I was counting down the days until she went to pre-school and I could get a break but now the day has finally come around I'm not so sure. In fact just the thought of not having her with me brings a tear to my eye, who else will drive me up the wall but make me smile all at the same time! My crazy little lady who shows no fear just a passion to give everything a try and always with a  smile.

However I know that pre-school is going to be amazing for her, she's so active and interested in everything that's going on. She loves to make friends, try new things and be independent and I know that pre-school can give her these things way more than I can. That doesn't mean I won't miss her though!

I can't believe that we had to go out and pick her new welly boots, back pack and water bottle this week it hadn't really seemed "real" until this point and now she says she is so excited to go, which is lovely to see!

I hope that pre-school gives her all the opportunities and adventures that she desires and that whilst I do hope it chills her out a little. I hope that she doesn't lose her sparkle and inner diva that makes her the lovely little lady she is becoming.

Every part of me wants to tell her not to keep growing, to stay by baby forever but that fact is I can't wait to see the confident young lady she is going to become (just not too quickly!).

Are there any other little ones heading to pre-school this September? Let me know below!


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