Tuesday 3 October 2017

Fuzzy-Felts are back with John Adams! **REVIEW**

Fuzzy-felts are back, well actually I don't think they ever really went anywhere but John  Adams have recently brought out these fantastic Fuzzy-Felts sets that remind me of the sets I used to play with as a kid.

Fuzzy-Felts are one of those classic toys that most of us will remember playing with as some point in our childhood, a simple yet super effective toy that manages to capture the imagination off all regardless of age.

John Adams have launched these new sets celebrating years of Fuzzy-Felt fun with kids including little ponies, magic gardens, busy builders and lots more! The great thing is they haven't changed Fuzzy-Felts so the same basic concept of Fuzzy-Felt is the same leaving the gap wide open for your child's imagination to blossom as they create fun fuzzy-felt pictures. You can check out the full Fuzzy-Felts range here.

We received the " On the Farm" set which included a mixture of animals, farm machinery and accessories. Both James and Evelyn (aged 8 and 3) had so much fun with it and loved the wide range of shapes that came with the set. Each set comes with four sheets of push out felt shapes, one sheet of felt eyes and a green felt board for your creations to be made on. If I had one thing that I could change it would be a larger board or multiple boards for pictures to create on as the kids wanted to create a picture bigger than the A4 board size it came with.

However this didn't stop them both having lots of fun creating pictures and the best bit about it for us parents.... no mess! The Fuzzy-Felts are easy to play with and even easier to pack away.

As well as being lots of fun Fuzzy-Felts are also great for helping co-ordination, recognition, sorting and encourage story telling and imagination which all gets a big thumbs up from me. Its nice to have a toy in the house that's not electronic yet can still hold the kids attention and offer other educational benefits which is exactly what Fuzzy-Felts do!

I have had great fun rediscovering a toy from my childhood and the kids have had lots of fun discovering a new toy. With over 100 pieces in each set the picture creation possibilities are endless and so much fun! Priced at just £10 per set its a toy that won't break the bank either, perfect for Christmas too!

Did you remember Fuzzy-Felts? Perhaps you had a set as a kids too?


**We received a Fuzzy-Felts set from John Adams for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinion and images are my own.**

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