Wednesday 7 March 2018

Lumo Stars **REVIEW**

I don't think you are ever to old for a cuddly toy, especially a cute one! Even as a grown up I'm drawn to all the cute animal teddies I find in the gift shops when I leave places the zoo and my children are no exception to this either!

So you can imagine James and Evelyn's excitement when we had some super soft post arrive for them this week in the form of these brand new Lumo Stars plush toys. Cuddles were most definitely in order as soon as they came out of the packaging with both James and Evelyn commenting on how soft they were (and how cute!).

Lumo Stars are a brand new plush toy based on a children’s book, written by Kati Heljakka in April, 2017 called The Northern Brights Bed Time Story. The plush toys are based on lots of the characters you will find within the book. 

"Nordic animals live in a land, which is in turn filled by blinding light and mystical darkness. The nightless nights of the summer grow into a dusky autumn, and then a dark winter. Glimmering waters crystallise and form a crunching layer of snow, while a blanket with a thousand stars covers the sky as the year unfolds."

The three Lumo Stars characters we received were Renee the Reindeer, Blueberry the Fox and Lunni the Puffin.

The Lumo Stars soft toys have a Finnish design and are based on common animals that are living within the Nordic countries. They come in both realistic and fantasy bright colours with inspiration taken from nature and the northern lights. Their fur is based on both natural and northern brights colouring with the natural colours based on the colours of the four seasons, the trees, sky, sea and nature. The Northern brights collection also have special patterns within their fur inspired by Nordic nature. 

The first thing you notice about these cute characters are their big, bold and bright eyes. Every plush has these distinctive eyes that sparkle like auroras to truly remind you of the breath taking colours of the northern lights.

Evelyn and James were even more excited when they discovered there is also a FREE app that goes alongside the Lumo Stars soft toys where you can bring your Lumo Star to life by simply scanning the QR code on the tag. Once you have scanned your toy into the app you can give them a name, play games, take selfies of your toy as well as learning all about your new Lumo character through education cards full of fascinating facts.

Evelyn is 3 and James is 8 and both of them enjoyed both the plush toy and the app so the age range for these really is unlimited in my opinion. The Lumo Stars toys are soft, cuddly and cute and the perfect companion for adventures and bedtime. Evelyn especially loved the sparkly eyes and said she thought they were full of magic which I thought was lovely. James loved finding out all the facts about his character through the app and being able to play games and interact with it. We love that these aren't just your classic soft toy animals, they have some more unusual soft toy animals in the range such as the puffin, owl, wolf and even hedgehogs as well as an interactive element.

The Lumo Stars range currently has over 35 characters and are available in 3 different sizes, mini (key ring) size which measure around 8.5cm, Classic which measure around 15cm and the Big which measure around 24cm. Prices range between £3.99 and £12.99 and you can see the full range on the Lumo Stars website

Do you think your children would love these Lumo Stars too? Which would be their favourite animals? 


**We received a selection of Lumo Stars soft toys for the purpose of this post. However all opinions are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Aww! Aren't they just adorable. I don't think I have heard of them before. x

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love their twinkly little eyes, what a clever idea! I know if my boys saw them they'd be in love too :)

  3. So cute! My son would totally adore the interactive aspect, with the app x