Thursday 10 May 2018

L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise **REVIEW**

To say Evelyn is absolutely obsessed with L.O.L surprise dolls would be a major understatement! She adores these little surprise dolls and has started getting quite a collection together. So she was over the moon excited when we received a L.O.L Surprise Pearl Surprise to review recently. She actually took it to bed with her the night it arrived so she could open it as soon as we all woke up!

The L.O.L Pearl Surprise is a limited edition surprise and comes in a much larger ball that the normal L.O.L surprise dolls, that's because its bursting full of exciting surprises! Evelyn was uncontrollably excited about the pearl surprise she never once let it out of her sight once it had arrived so it obviously didn't take long for us to get stuck into opening it!

Inside the pearl surprise shell you will find two colourful layers. The first layer we discovered was the one above. It contains 6 mini pearl surprises to open. The pearls are small plastic ball shapes that simply pop apart in half to reveal the surprise inside. These are full of accessories such as clothes and shoes which Evelyn loved! One of her favourite things to do with her L.O.L dolls is get them dressed and swap all their clothes so having all these accessories was amazing.

After opening all of the mini pearl surprises we removed the plastic to discover a giant shell surprise! Evelyn's squeals of delight were probably heard around our whole street and even I was getting pretty excited at discovering what would be inside the shell.

This is where your pearl surprise case comes in handy. You can place the lid on the floor and the round shell case on top of that and it acts as a bowl so that your shell can fizz away to reveal the surprise inside. The shell looks like a giant bath bomb however it isn't advised to put it in the bath. Oh and maybe place a towel underneath as it really does fizz! Evelyn really enjoyed this bit and watching all of the colours from the giant shell swirl and mix in the tub. 

After around 15 minutes our L.O.L pearl surprise shell was revealed and after a quick wipe over Evelyn couldn't wait to discover what was inside and just what L.O.L surprise dolls she would find! The first thing we found inside the shell was a bottle for one of the dolls. Then we unwrapped a very cute lil treasure (lil sister doll) and Treasure (LOL big sister doll).

Evelyn was so happy to find her new dolls and to have a big sister and lil sister set which is such a lovely touch to this pearl surprise. She couldn't wait to dip them into some fresh water and discover whether her new dolls colour changed and if she had a spitter, crier or tinkler! Both the big sister and lil sister doll colour change and our big sister doll was indeed a spitter. We won't reveal the colour change effects as we don't want to spoil all the surprises but we will say make sure you fully submerge Treasure as something pretty amazing happens to her!

We absolutely loved the L.O.L Surprise, Pearl Surprise and would definitely recommend it for any L.O.L fans! It costs around £29.99 and is available from lots of toy shops including The Entertainer. We thought this was a fair price especially considering that you get the two dolls, two complete outfits as well as the L.O.L carry case to store your L.O.L collection. If there was one little thing I would change it would be the sticker. Evelyn loves discovering what dolls she has inside her L.O.L surprises, however the sticker gave away which dolls we had before we had even fizzed open our shell. As I said not a big deal and it didn't take away any of the joy or excitement she got from it. I just think that it would be nice if the sticker didn't reveal exactly who the dolls were and perhaps gave a clue like the smaller L.O.L surprises.

If your little ones are a fan of L.O.L surprise dolls this is definitely a must especially since the dolls inside are limited edition and you will only find them inside the pearl surprise. Evelyn has spent hours upon endless hours playing with her L.O.L dolls and never bores or tires of them so for us these amazing little dolls get a huge thumbs up.

Do your little ones love L.O.L surprise dolls?


** We received an L.O.L pearl surprise for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. **

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