Friday 4 May 2018

Zimpli Slime Blaster **REVIEW**

The sheer mention of the word slime gets both my kids excited so you can imagine their pure excitement when two very cool looking slime blasters from Zimpli Kids landed on our doorstep last week.

With the lovely sunshine we have had over the bank holiday weekend we thought now would be the perfect chance to get outside and try them out. We can confirm they are SO much fun! The blasters don't require batteries so no worry about them running out of power, you are also supplied with 12 sachets of slime crystals per gun which creates 100's of slime shots.

To fill your blasters with slime you simply unscrew the green tanks from the fun (shown in the picture above) and half fill with water. You then add in 1 sachet to each tank, screw on the lid provided and give them a good shake. We found waiting about 5 minutes made the slime even gooier but if your kids can't wait you can use them right away. Once your tank is full of slime just remove the cap, reattach to your blaster and you are ready to go!

To release the slime the blasters work with a pump action so you just hold the green handle near the front of the blaster and pull/push it in and out to make the slime shoot at any opponents!

Since the blasters are so simply to use even Evelyn could do it (she will be turning 4 soon). Which meant they had so much fun chasing each other round and getting rather slimy in the process. It wasn't a worry though as the slime simply washes out in your standard wash and leaves no marks or stains.

James and Evelyn has so much fun with these and they are definitely going to be a toy they go back to time and time again this summer. The guns are made from plastic and are light weight so can be carried around with you on the go too. If there was one thing that would make these blasters even better it would be if the slime went a little further when it shot out of the gun. You had to be quite close to the other person to get them totally slimed.

The Slime Blaster is currently priced at around £20 and is available to purchase from lots of great stores including Tesco, The Entertainer and the Slime Blaster website. If you purchase via the Slime Blaster website they have a special offer at the moment where if you purchase the Slime Blaster for £19.99 you get a FREE refill pack of slime shots, these give you 500+ extra slime shots worth £7.99.

Do your kids love slime too?


** We received two free slime blasters for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. **

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