Wednesday 27 June 2018

Twisty Pets **REVIEW**

Evelyn was so excited recently when she received a parcel which combined two of her favourite things.. cute animals and jewellery! The parcel contained the new Twisty Petz from Spinmaster which are twistable, wearable, fashionable pets that transform into cute bracelets and necklaces.

What makes Twisty Petz unique is that they can either be played with in toy form as a pet or with one simple pull can be transformed into cute jewellery. Transforming your Twisty Petz is really simple and after a few looks at the instructions I was able to do it in a few seconds. Even James who is 8 was able to master it after a few tries its really that easy.

There are over 70 different Twisty Petz to collect and you can find them in either single packs, 3 pack or Twisty Petz babies pack which comes with an extra charm such as a baby bottle.

Evelyn was pretty excited when she discovered she could wear all here new Twisty Petz friends at once in bracelet or necklace form and after a few tries was able to easily make the bracelets herself. To do this she held the head and tail of her pet and pulled until you are left with a long straight string of beads. You then take the tail and push it into a small hole situated on the head and you have your bracelet.

Making a necklace is very similar except for a necklace you attach at least 3 pets together to make it long enough. I love this idea and felt it gave these toys an extra edge because if we were out and about she could have something to play with on her at all times.

There are over 70 Twisty Petz to collect and each pet belongs to a "collection" such as enchanted gems, metallic, rainbow, golden twinkle, silver shimmer, fuzzy, neon, pastel and pearl. There are even some rare Twisty Petz to find. Evelyn was delighted to discover a fuzzy Twisty Petz in her new collection! 

As well as the larger Twisty Petz you can also purchase Twisty Petz babies! These adorable babies come in a pack of 4 along with a sweet charm and gem shaped jewellery case, perfect for keeping all your new friends safe. The babies work in the same way as the bigger pets but you need to add two babies together to make a bracelet. 

Evelyn clipped her cute charm onto her Twisty Petz bracelet making it into a charm bracelet which you could of course add extra charms too as you increase your collection. 

Over all we love Twisty Petz and think they are such a great idea! They cater to come many children whether its the pets they love, the jewellery they love or just having something to fidget with , these toys tick all those boxes. They seem pretty robust too, Evelyn has pulled, twisted and tugged on these lots over the last few weeks and not one single one has snapped or broken!

We can't wait to add to our Twisty Petz collection, Evelyn is hoping for an Elephant next time.

From kittens and puppies to giraffes and panda's there are so many cute characters to collect, which animal would you love to find in your Twisty Petz pack? The single pets packs are priced at just £5 the 3 pack £13 and the 4 pack of Twisty Pets babies is priced at £10. They are  available from toy stores such as Smyths and The Entertainer.


**We received a selection of Twisty Petz products for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. This post contains affiliate links. **


  1. I would have loved these when I was a kid. I was obsessed with beads and making my own jewellery.

    Katie xoxo

  2. These look like so much fun, my friends have little girls and they would go crazy for these! x

  3. Twisty Pets look so cute! I can imagine lots of little girls wanting these this summer. I love that they are a 2 in 1 toy, makes them even better value for money.

  4. These Twisty Pets are fab, my girls are a bit old for them now but they would have loved them a few years back. Mich x

  5. Eliza has some of these and loves turning them into bracelets and then back again

  6. Oh these are so sweet and I love how they bend and twist. What fun, perfect for Christmas and the stocking list

    Laura x

  7. My daughter would absolutely love these and they're not too expensive so they're great for something a bit extra for birthdays or as stocking fillers. Nicola.

  8. These look soooo cute! My girls would have loved them when they were younger. Kaz