Thursday 5 July 2018

Party Popteenies **REVIEW**

Who doesn't love a party...? Well with Party Popteenies everyday is a party and YOU are invited! 

Party Popteenies are brand new to the UK and are a new range of super detailed collectibles with a unique way of opening and discovering the surprise. You will need to pull, twist and then and POP to discover which Party Popteenie you will discover amongst the cloud of glitter and confetti.

We received some of the products to try out ahead of their launch in Smyths Toy Store on the 6th July to share with you here and Evelyn has been so excited to try these since the minute they arrived. 

Surprise Popper with Confetti - £4.99

Each Party Popteenies single surprise popper contains a Party Popteenies doll, an accessory for your new doll and collectible confetti. To discover which doll you have you Pull, Twist and then your doll will Pop from the top. Don't forget to check the base of your popper after you have popped it to discover hidden accessories and surprises. Each of our dolls came with a hair accessories as well as plastic food item to bring along to the party. 

Here are the Party Popteenies we found in our single surprise poppers! …

Double Surprise Popper with Confetti - £9.99

Similar to the single popper above the double surprise Party Popteenies popper has a doll waiting to be discovered but the double popper has even more layers of surprises and fun. 

To start with pull the two poppers apart to discover your first surprise a pet! Inside ours was a pink fox as well as lots of party accessories. Next pull, twist and pop your two poppers, inside one you will find your Party Popteenies doll we found a special glitter Popteenie. In the second popper you will find a deluxe accessory (we had an ice sculpture swan!) for your doll as well as stickers and party decor, this is what was inside ours...

Party Surprise Box Playset - £14.99

This playset comes with an adorable mini confetti popper and Party Popteenies doll tucked inside. Pull apart to release a poof of confetti and start celebrating with your own Party Popteenie! When you open the party surprise box playset you will also notice lots of small concealed presents, each one contains a tiny surprise/accessory for your doll. 

The playset includes - 1 Doll, 1 Pet, Hair Accessory, Furniture Pieces, Party Accessories, Mini Popper with Confetti, Stickers, Collector Sheet and provides a great playset for your new dolls. It can also be easily packed away and be brought along with you so you can have a party wherever you go! You can even use the glitter, confetti and stickers from within your poppers to personalise the d├ęcor in your playset to make it even more unique for your Party Popteenies. 

Along with your Party Popteenies you will find a leaflet/insert showing you all the dolls you can collect. There are 25+ dolls to collect and each doll belongs to their own collection. will your doll be in the "Cute Animal Surprise set", "Rainbow Unicorn Surprise set" or "Winter Wonderland Surprise set". There are 8 Party Popteenie girls in total - Violet, Lily, Riley, Mai, Sophie, Hayden, Bella and Ava with each set containing all 8 girls. However the Winter Wonderland Surprise set does have an extra special mystery Popteenie, Cassidy who can be found in the Poptastic Party playset! 

This is definitely the most detailed collectible I have seen and we love the unique way you open these collectibles. The dolls measure around 3 inches tall each but have so much detail from their facial features through to their outfits. Even the teeny tiny accessories you will find in the poppers and playsets are very detailed, I think this really adds to the play experience especially for slightly older children who really notice these kind of details.

Evelyn adores all the Party Popteenies dolls she has found and spends ages playing with them inside the party box playset she received. She loves all the little accessories that come with the dolls and it creates even more imaginative play and play possibilities than if we had just the dolls which is great. 

The dolls are great quality and despite being played with quite a bit since we received them the paintwork and detail on them still looks as good as new and no broken parts at all. I would advise having a small pot with a lid on to keep all of the accessories safe though as some are very small. 

If we had one criticism it would be that the dolls don't "move" or come off the base so you cant sit them down or move them too much when playing. However Evelyn quickly navigated around this and it doesn't really affect her play with them now she understands the base has to stay on. 

We give Party Popteenies a big thumbs up, you might come for the POP but you will definitely be sticking around for the party! 

Which party will you pop? 


**We received a selection of party popteenies goodies for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post and the opinions within it. **

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