Friday 24 August 2018

Back to School with Tesco F&F Uniform Range.

With an early start to the warm weather and summer this year it has felt like the summer has lasted such a long time, which has been lovely! However the back to school shopping has silently crept up on me and my organised self was panicking a little inside. This year I had two lots of uniform to buy now that Evelyn is starting Infant school in September and she was so excited to try on and buy her very first school dress and uniform!

We have a huge Tesco store just around the corner from our house and have heard great things about their uniform range and so we headed over to check it out. Whilst both James and Evelyn have to buy embroidered jumpers from a specified shop the rest of the uniform is up to us, they can even choosen between grey and black for trousers and dresses etc.

I turned the corner into the Tesco F & F uniform isle and couldn't believe my eyes. Im not sure why but I hadn't imagined them to have so much choice, just basic trousers or dresses and shirts, however I couldn't have been more wrong!

There was a huge range available from polo shirts in an array of colours, boys trousers in grey, navy and black as well as at least 6 different styles of autumn/winter girls dresses. There was also a section for PE uniform, shoes, stationary even pants, sock, tights and even hair bands and clips to match uniform colours. The kids set about choosing some uniform from the range for themselves and here is what they chose -

Tesco have been listening to real parents just like us and have been making tweaks to their uniform to ensure it has everything our children need and I think they might have just nailed it! Reinforced knees, adjustable waist trousers and the range has a Teflon stain resistant coating to protect against those pesky school dinner and sliding goal kick grass stains to name a few, its a tick, tick and big tick from me! However if you still aren't convinced not a problem, Tesco has a 100 day guarantee on their uniform range meaning if the uniform breaks or your child manages to wear through it within the 100 days Tesco will exchange it without any problem.

Boys Uniform 

James is definitely the most fussy when it comes to school uniform. He is almost 9 now and heading into Year 4 and he knows exactly what he wants his uniform to look like. He doesn't want trousers to skinny but not too flared either and I had worried we may have a struggle to find some he was happy with. However Tesco stepped up to the mark and he found these black trousers in a pack of two for just £9! They are fitted but not to "skinny leg" and look really smart with the crease along the front. They have a comfortable easy clip fastening at the front and adjustable waist which is a must for James and he is very tall but slim. They have reinforced knees and feel like really great quality which is perfect since James loves nothing more than a kick around at football or some tree climbing during lunch times.

The polo shirts are simple but great. They feel great quality and a really good fit even on James who as I mentioned above is very really tall and long. Even the polo shirts come with the 100 day guarantee!

Girls Uniform

Evelyn is starting school this year and has been so excited about buying her first uniform I thought she might burst when we let her loose in Tesco's school isle! She was insistent she wanted dresses for school and she certainly had plenty to choose from. In the end she chose the two dresses pictured above after much deliberation of course. Both dresses are in grey and most of the dresses available were in grey although there were a few available in black too. I really like both styles, the bottom dress feels really thick and warm, perfect for Autumn and heading into Winter whilst the top dress has a slightly thinner feel but the material is so soft, it also has perhaps one of my favourite features of all... its actually shorts! Yes that's right the second dress you see here is actually shorts disguised as a dress. These are perfect for Evelyn who loves to run, climb and roll around so I don't have to worry her flashing her pants to the whole school every playtime! Both dresses were under £10 each which I think is great value, especially with the 100 day guarantee.

We also opted for a pack of yellow polo shirts and I was delightfully pleased to see they did the correct shade of yellow that we needed which surprised me as I don't think bright yellow is hugely popular school colour. A pack of two cost just £3.50!

As I mentioned above all of Tesco's school uniform range comes with a 100 day money back guarantee (apart from embroidered items).

Here is what Tesco say about their 100 day guarantee - "F&F school uniform is designed for active kids to keep them comfy and looking smart all day day long, all year round. We’re so confident of the quality and the durability of our school uniforms that if your child wears out their uniform within 100 days we’re happy to exchange it." As a mum buying two lots of uniform this year I am definitely aware of how expensive it can become so I love this guarantee from Tesco and certainly makes me feel confident in buying my uniform here. Tesco really have though about us parents with their back to school ranges with affordable prices, amazing quality and best of all their 100 day guarantee they have made buying uniform easy and simple, gone are the days of dreading trudging around various shops for uniform for sure. The Tesco F & F uniform has been tried, tested and rated by Mumsnet users and the results definitely speaking for themselves - "262 Mumsnet users tested the Tesco F&F school uniform range: 82% would buy again and 75% would recommend it" With that in mind we can't wait to test it out ourselves!

Don't forget to come back and check out how our uniform has fared after 100 days of real use. James and Evelyn will be wearing their uniform and then we will report back how we got on and share pictures with you of just how well there uniform is holding up after 100 days!

How do you think it will hold up? Have you ever tried Tesco F & F uniform range? Let me know what you thought of it below.

100 Day Uniform Update. 

Its been just over 100 days now since Evelyn started school and both James and Evelyn started testing out their new Tesco uniform. I have to admit I was a little dubious at how well it would stand up against my wild children and their antics! However as you can see below its done incredibly well. 

Despite playing football most days (and coming home with the muddy knees to prove it), James trousers are still standing strong. The reinforced knees are showing no signs of wear at all and despite being washed most evenings haven't faded or bobbled at all which is pretty amazing really. His polo shirts are still a fresh white (even the collars!) and they haven't shrunk or stretched despite consistent wear. 

Evelyn's uniform has held us amazingly well too. Her polo shirts are a bright yellow colour and I was almost certain they would fade but I was so wrong. They are still a bright, vibrant sunflower yellow colour and look as good as new (well minus a few black dry wipe marker pen marks!). The Tesco polo shirts have actually held up so much better than the logo polo shirt I had brought from the school store, which had completely faded after only a few washes. When it comes to buying more uniform for that inevitable growth spurt, we will definitely be opting for Tesco uniform in future as not only does it wear better, its a fraction of the cost too!.

When it comes to putting the uniform to the test, James and Evelyn have definitely done just that. They have played football, climbed walls, got covered in paint (and glitter!), fallen over and much more im sure and we haven't had any holes or need to replace any part of the uniform. It has withstood not only the test of time but the test of two boisterous and adventurous children too.


**This is a paid post and collaboration with Mumsnet and Tesco. However I retain full editorial control on this post and its content.**


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