Sunday 12 August 2018

Puppy Dog Pals Toy Collection **REVIEW**

Evelyn recently discovered a new show she has fallen in love with over on the Disney Junior channel called "Puppy Dog Pals". It is an animated series that follows the funny and mischievous adventures of two pug brothers Rolly and Bingo. Pugs are James favourite so I knew he would love this show too and you can imagine their excitement when they were given the opportunity to try out some of the toys from the Puppy Dog Pals range from Flair/Just Play!

Our bundle of goodies included -

 Puppy Dog Pals Pet and Talk Pals Rolly - RRP £9.99

Puppy Dog Pals Surprise Action Rolly - RRP £14.99

Puppy Dog Pals Scuba Rolly, Pals on a Mission - RRP £9.99

When Evelyn realised how soft the pet and talk Rolly was she was insistent we get him straight out for a cuddle! This Rolly toy is super soft and huggable and when you press his back he says several phrases including "that tickles", "I'm extra huggable"and lots of barking and giggles too all of which had Evelyn in fits of giggles.

The phrases are all recognisable from the animated tv series and are activated by a simple pat on the back which pushes a button located under the "fur" on Rolly's back. Rolly measures just over 4 inches in height and is the perfect size for play and cuddles.

The next toy we opened up was the surprise action Rolly which both James and Evelyn had lots of fun playing with. Surprise action Rolle is a hard plastic toy that has 10 phrases and sounds all recognisable from the show. He also walks which the kids loved and spent ages getting Rolly to walk between them whilst they caught him.

Rolly feels really sturdy, built to last and easy to wipe over in case of mucky hands thanks to his hard plastic body and legs. His phrases and walking action is activated by a button on his back which is easy to use and he has 3 settings on, off and try me. Often we have found with walking toys that they can struggle to actually walk unless on a very smooth surface however Rolly had no issues like this and walked perfectly fine on both carpet, kitchen tiles and even outdoors!

Finally we opened up the Scuba Rolly who comes complete with his diving mask/helmet and kid powered propellers on his back. James and Evelyn thought Rolly looked hilarious with his little mask on and had lots of fun pretending he was diving and then flying. Rolly also has a collar that lights up when activated by a button found on Rolly's chest.

Evelyn was a little disappointed to discover she couldn't take this toy into the bath for some real life scuba diving because of the electronics that light up his collar. However this didn't bother her too much and she was quite happy to go back to imaginative play. It would however be great to see a Scuba Rolly bath toy in the future perhaps! Scuba Rolly has poseable arms and legs and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, great for smaller children when playing. There are four different figures to collect.

These toys have been a bit hit with both James and Evelyn. All of the toys came with batteries included which was great as it meant they could start playing as soon as the toys were out of the box. We also loved that each toy had some kind of interactive feature which really added to play and broadened imaginative play opportunities.

The Puppy Dog Pals range can be brought from all good toy stores including and online including Smyths, The Entertainer and Amazon.

If you have a little Puppy Dog Pals fan or you love the look of this fantastic toy range make sure to head over to Twitter at 1pm on 15th August to join myself and UKMumsTV for a fun Twitter Chat where there will be lots of chances to win your very own Puppy Dog Pals toys too! Don't forget to use the hashtag #PuppyDogPalsToys to join in.


**We received a selection of Puppy Dog Pals toys for the purpose of this review. This is a collaborative post. However all words, opinions and images within this post are my own. This post contains affiliate links. **

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