Saturday 29 September 2018

Smiggle Series 2 Squishies **REVIEW**

**This is a collaborative post. We received items featured in this post for free for the purpose of this review.**

We are already big fans of Smiggle but when James and Evelyn found out they also have a range fun and cute squishies, I think they may have fallen in love a little more.

Smiggle squishies are now onto series 2 with 8 quirky characters to collect all made from a slow rising foam and made into super cute characters.

Series 2 features 8 brand new colourful characters with the classic Smiggle vibrant colours and cute designs. Every character is a representation of a food or drink item and comes with a unique name, which you can find on the back of every pack. The characters available in series 2 are -

  • Buster Soda Pup
  • Franky Fryger
  • Milky Catpuccino
  • Bella Strawbeary
  • Mia and Mimi Micecream
  • Paco Tacosaurus
  • Spike Porcupineapple
  • Sparkles Kittycorn Cake

We received Franky Fryger and Spike Porcupineapple and both James and Evelyn loved their new Squishy pals. The first thing we all noticed when taking them out of the packaging is how soft they feel and all the details on their little faces. Squishies are pretty self explanatory but if you have never given one a squeeze go try it! Its honestly so satisfying and strangely stress relieving, squishing them down as small as you can and watching them slowly rise back to shape! 

We have had a few other brand squishies that have felt quite flimsy and have started falling apart after a while but the Smiggle Squishies feel great quality and very robust. Despite being super soft and very squishable they have withstood lots of squishing and squashing from both James and Evelyn and still look great! They have retained their shape and the design is still looking great with no paint loss at all.

Each Smiggle Squishies character is priced at £9 which I think is a very competitive price. They are a great size (the hand in the picture above is mine and its as big as the palm of my hand!), to get an idea of size. We also love the each one has its own unique character. At under £10 these make great gifts too (or stocking fillers if you are thinking about Christmas!).

The recommended age for these is 6+ although Evelyn is 4 and still enjoyed playing with these, I just kept a close eye that she didn't pick away any foam. James is almost 9 and loved these and I have to admit I really enjoyed them too and may have to order one for myself to keep in my bag for those moments im feeling super stressed out!

Squishies are currently priced at £9 each or 2 for £12 on the Smiggle website!

Which Smiggle Squishies character is your favourite?


**We received these squishies for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**

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  1. My kids love squishies and the smiggle ones are the best