Sunday 16 September 2018

So Slime DIY Slime Factory **REVIEW**

If your children love slime but you don't love the mess that often comes with it then keep reading, I may have just the solution for you!

The So Slime DIY Slime Factory is a fun kit that allows kids to create fun and unique pots of slime mess free.

Inside the box you will find everything you need to create multiple different slimes with the ability to personalise each tub and slime with a variety of glitters and accessories. The kit contains the main slime factory base which holds everything you need. You will also find 10 sachets of powder slime in various colours, multiple varieties of glitter and sparkles to add to your slime, 4 surprise plastic figures, a mixing tool and funnel, 3 slime shakers which you can then use to store your slime and the slime mixer itself.

To make your slime first you need to choose a slime colour by selecting one of the powder sachets. Pour your chosen slime powder into the mixer and add cold water up the line shown on the mixer. Now this is where the fun begins! Place the lid onto your mixer and twist the handle as fast as you can until your slime starts coming together and looks gooey. We then added in any glitter or sparkles that we wanted and mixed a little more to make sure they were mixed into the slime properly.

You will then need to leave your slime to sit for 5 minutes to give it a chance to firm up a little and then after this you have a perfect ball of slime ready to play with. The slime was the perfect texture and not sticky at all. We then chose a name for our slime and moved it into one of the slime shaker tubs to keep safe. There are labels provided in the kit to add to each pot so you know what is inside each one (and labels who's is who if you have siblings!).

After making each slime you will need to give the mixer pot a quick clean to avoid the slime colours mixing when making each slime. This is the bit I love, cleaning the container out is super simple you just remove it from the base, give it a quick rinse under warm water and dry it after with a towel or paper towel! That's it, its really that simple and that's why parents will love this slime factory so much. I mean have you even made slime before and only had to give a tiny container a quick rinse and that's it?

The base the slime factory stands on is great too. It has a place for everything that comes in the kit and can be stored away tidily and be ready to use again straight away whenever your child wishes too. There are even little tubes with lids for you to decant the glitter and sparkles into for mess free storage. Once you put the kit together initially that's it you never need to put anything together again and it looks neat and tidy when not in use too.

We all loved this kit, the kids had so much fun creating their own slime and that they could do it by themselves. James is 9 and Evelyn is 4 and whilst this is aimed at children aged 6+ both were able to do this by themselves (Evelyn just needed a little help adding the water and powder etc). They both loved being able to personalise their slime and then name and label it.

The only negative for us was that the kit only comes with 3 slime containers. The kit has 10 sachets of slime but only having 3 containers it meant we were only able to make 3 lots of slime at a time until we sourced more containers. There is also no escaping the glitter! Despite having a funnel and easy to use tubes to pour glitter it still manages to get everywhere so it might best to still use the kit over a tray or mat too.

The So Slime DIY Slime Factory is priced at £19.99 and is available from most toy stores including Smyths, Ryman and online at Amazon.

Do your kids love Slime?


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  1. My girl has this on her Christmas list already! It's good to read about what it's like. It sounds fantastic x