Sunday 2 September 2018

SuperZings Series 2 - Rivals of Kaboom **REVIEW**

I only have to whisper the word bling bag or collectible in my house and my kids ear's perk up! Its undeniable that collectibles and surprise toys have become extremely popular this year and whilst there are lots of these aimed at girls its rare to find ones that are aimed at boys and girls that James and Evelyn can enjoy collecting together.

So when we recently got offered the chance to try out the new series 2 SuperZings collectibles I was more than a little excited! These fun little characters are perfect for both boys and girls with their bright colours and superhero & villain theme. We couldn't wait to open some up and find out who we would receive to start our collection.

SuperZings are a fun collectible made up of superheroes and villians who live in the city of Kaboom. They are part of rival gangs and each gang has a leader as well as a vehicle or hide out!

In series 2 there are over 80 new multi coloured SuperZings characters to collect with each having a matching rival! In this series their is a new key character in the form of "Professor K" who is extremely rare and the inventor of Krystaline a special substance that creates "SuperCrystal" SuperZings. There are 24 "SuperCrystal" characters to collect and these can be identified by their colour, they will look see through!

There are a number of different products available in the SuperZings series 2 range with prices ranging from just 80p for the single blind bags! The products include single bling bags, hideouts, superjets, blister packs (in either 4 pack or 10 pack) and the SuperZings starter pack.

Each SuperZings gang has six members and one leader and both James and Evelyn loved the idea of completing their own gang! I love this element as think its great for children who perhaps aren't going to want to complete the whole series but can aim for completing a gang or two instead without spending quite as much money. James and Evelyn were very excited to find Lord Twister who is a leader and rival to Turbo Twist!

This series the vehciles are more than just cars they are superjets and in our superjets boxes we got a boat, a motorbike and even a helipcopter! Each SuperZing has a hole in the base which enables them to be placed on a small spike inside the vehicles and zoom around without falling off.

If you are thinking of starting out a collection of these fun SuperZings series 2 characters I would highly recommend picking up the started pack when you begin. The starter pack contains a handy book which has a a full character list as well a comic book style story featuring the SuperZings characters. James and Evelyn loved this and it really helped bring some of their collectible characters to life and was great to reference back to for character names as the little sheets that come with each pack often get lost or torn.

The starter pack also includes 3 single character blind bags and a rare shiny car with character in just like in the picture above.

James and Evelyn have loved this series of Collectibles and can't wait to add to their collection. We love that the single blind bag characters are so reasonably priced at just 80p per pack they make great pocket money toys or stocking fillers. I might even buy a couple of small packs for their advent calendar pockets this Christmas as they are the perfect size.

The extra's such as blister packs and playsets to go along with the SuperZings characters are also very reasonably priced and make great birthday/Christmas gifts. Some of the blister packs come with rare or ultra rare characters and vehicles too so always worth checking these out if your little ones love the rare collectibles!

SuperZings series 2 are available to purchase from a variety of shops including the Entertainer, Asda, Tesco and online at Amazon. You will also find lots of great playsets available to purchase which are perfect for playing with alongside the SuperZings including a police station, secret lab and even the Kaboom race set!

For more information about SuperZings or to learn more about your new collectible characters head over to the SuperZings website where you will also find lots of fun downloads such as colouring sheets, comic guides and checklists for your new characters.

Do you think your children would like SuperZings? Which other collectibles do they enjoy collecting?


**We received these samples for free the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post, this post also contains affiliate links.**

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