Monday 15 October 2018

Disney Junior Vampirina Toy Collection **REVIEW**

**This post contains affiliate links, we received the items featured for free for the purpose of this review. **

Vampirina is one of Evelyn's favourite TV shows at the moment, I think she can totally connect with Vampirina's cheeky personality which makes her love the show so much more.

If you haven't seen it before Vampirina is all about a young girl who is uprooted from her home in Transylvania, Romania to live in Pennsylvania whilst her parents run a local bed and breakfast called the scare B&B for visiting ghosts and ghouls!

Evelyn loves following Vampirina's adventures and I have to admit even I have been known to get into a few episodes too! There is a whole new range of Disney Junior Vampirina toys from Flair/Just Play, out just in time for Christmas and here are some of our favourites.

Vampirina's Scare B & B Playset (RRP £49.99)

New for Autumn 2018 is the Vampirina scare B&B playset. Spread over three floors of spook-tacular fun the scare b&b playset looks just like the one featured in the show. The comes complete with accessories and furniture as well as two characters (Vampirina and Poppy). 

The first thing I noticed when getting this our of the box is how detailed it was! From the flipable stair case taking you from the first to the third floor right up to the telescoptic bedroom, complete with bed just for Vampirina. There are also two sheets of stickers to add even more detail to your b&b.

The playset can be played with either side as the front door opens and there is a cute table and chair set you could place outside of the house too. The inside is where most of the features of the B&B are including a kitchen area with moving parts, bookcase and a skeleton hand deck player which we thought was a great touch!

The set was really easy to assemble as it comes ready built with just a few bits to clip into place such as the bats on the top, chimney, staircase and the top bedroom section. You then add your stickers and the set is ready to be played with. The furniture can be moved around and placed wherever you like and there are several stands and holders for characters throughout the set. There is also a section where Vampirina can hang upside down and she glows (pretty cool right!?).

The playset stands at just over 65cm tall when fully extended and is fairly large so worth considering if you don't have much room as it doesn't fold for storage either. Evelyn has been really enjoying this playset and of the little details. The stands for the characters are a great feature especially for younger ones like Evelyn as she often gets frustrated trying to get the characters to stand whilst she plays! The set is really sturdy, lovely and bright and has lots of play opportunities and hidden detail (especially in the kitchen area!) and I would really recommend it for any Vampirina fans.

Vampirina Blind Bags (RRP £2.99 each)

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will already know that Evelyn is a huge fan of surprise toys and blind bags, so you can imagine her surprise when she discovered you can now get Vampirina blind bags!

The sealed foil bags each contain one plastic figure (which are around 2-3 inches in size) from the show. There is also a collectors guide contained within each blind bag so you can tick of each character as you find them, there are 12 to collect.

Vampirina Spooky Scooter Set (RRP £11.99 each)

New for Autumn 2018 these cute little figure sets are great fun. There are two sets available either Vampirina and Gregoria or Poppy and Wolfie.

Each set comes with a movable scooter, figure, skateboard which can hook onto the back of the scooter and pet figure. Both the person and pet can securely attach to their scooter/skateboard so they say secure when you push them around.

Evelyn loved being able to push the figures around and the pets that sit on the back are a lovely touch. Again these are brightly coloured and really eye catching as well as being the perfect size for little hands to be able to grab and push around.

Vampirina Hauntley’s Mobile Vehicle (RRP £29.99)

As well as being a pretty awesome bright purple and pink bat themed car, Hauntley's mobile vehicle has another hidden secret! It can transform from car to mobile cinema with the flick of the boot!

You can really push the vehicle around and the same attention to detail has been carried on to this toy too as with the above items. Vampirina can either slip into the back to watch the film with her snacks or sit into the drivers seat as she has bendable legs and therefore is able to sit in the vehicle.

The vehicle also has lights and sounds which are easily activated using the button on top of the vehicles roof. It really enhanced Evelyn's enjoyment when playing with this toy and is a great touch.

Vampirina Fangtastic Friends Figures Set ( RRP - £29.99)

Its great having all these fantastic products but what do you really need to enjoy them all to the full...? Figures!

Having a great range of figures when using the above playsets made all the difference and really enhanced play when she had the Vampirina friends and family figures to enjoy alongside the toys.

The fangtastic friends set contains all the characters you mind need and there is so much detail put into them they really do look just like the ones you see on TV. The characters included in this set are Vampirina, Oxana, Boris, Demi, Bridget, Vampirina ‘Case of the Battys’, Nosy, Gregorian, Wolfe. If we had one criticism over these it would be that we wish they were a little more posable/movable for using in play. However this didn't really both Evelyn and she still had lots of fun playing with them all.

It is worth noting if you are planning on using these with the scare b&b playset above the adult characters are a little to large to really fit.

Vampirina Bootastic Backpack Set (RRP £24.99)

Evelyn's eyes lit up when she saw this set, her very own Vampirina backpack! The set contains a hard plastic case backpack with pink strap, web glasses, skull necklace, keyring, stickers and bat wing hair clips.

The backpack opens up on the back with a simple clip and has ample space to carry around some of your favourite trinkets. Evelyn is currently using it to store all of her figures inside so she can carry it around with her whenever she is playing. We were a bit miffed that it only has one central strap (rather than the two as with most backpacks) and its fairly short which makes actually wearing the bag quite tricky.

Inside the set you also get some great accessories to really create that spook-tacular look. The necklace in the set is really fun with a skull design and pink glitter border. It lights up with a bright glow and has Vampirina sounds too.

Evelyn has already claimed the keyring and has it hanging on her school book bag. The clips were a little tricky to get to work at first. We found that they don't really stay in well when hair is down however once we had Evelyn's hair in bunches they slid into the hair quite well and stayed in place. They are a great touch and look really fun. Evelyn loved them as she can sometimes find headbands hurt the back of her ears so these are a great alternative as no headband!

Over all we absolutely love the range of Vampirina toys. The attention to detail, bright colours and interactive features all make them really appealing to a wide range of children of all ages. If your child is a fan of the program they will love the toy range too!

If you love Vampirina and the gang as much as we do then don't forget to head over to the UKMums.tv Twitter page on Thursday 25th October from 1pm until 3pm to join in the Vampirina toys Halloween party! There will be lots of fun activies going on, a chance to get a closer look at the range of the toys and lots of chances to win fantastic Vampirina prizes! When you join in the chat from forget to use the #VampirinaToys hashtag for the chance to win prizes.

Do your little ones love Vampirina? If so let me know their favourite character in the comments below!


**We received these Vampirina items for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**

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