Saturday 27 October 2018

Magical Memories Made at Disney On Ice! **REVIEW**


Last weekend we all jumped into the car to make a very exciting trip to Birmingham... we went to see Disney On Ice - Dream Big. The brand new tour for 2018/2019.

To say we were excited would have been a big understatement, in fact we were so excited to go we left our house around 2pm for a 6.30pm showing (its around a 2 hour drive for us!). We had decided to get tea once we were then and then get in to find out seats when the doors opened at 5.30pm to give us plenty of time to look around before the show.

Evelyn of course was insistent on wearing her full Anna costume which was fun trying to manoeuvre arena stairs in... but she didn't stop smiling all day! When we arrived I don't think any of us could stop grinning.

There were plenty of staff around to help with tickets, finding seats and any questions which was great and made getting into the arena very quick. A lovely lady took the photo above for us and was chatting to the kids about who they were excited to see (no prizes for guessing who Evelyn was most excited to see...).

This year the theme for the show was "Dream Big" and was based and princesses and heroes through the Disney movies. There is even a new character to Disney on Ice this year, the amazing Moana!

The show is led by Mickey and Minnie mouse who introduce the show with a pretty impressive dance routine on the ice. They also come out to introduce each act between themes and acts so you knew when a new act was about to begin.

Evelyn is 4 and James is 9 and both of them enjoyed this show. I had initially worried James might not enjoy it or find it a little girly but that definitely wasn't the case (check out the dragon further down!). The whole audience were clapping, dancing and singing along throughout the show which made for a great atmosphere.

I loved that they encouraged the kids to sing along and dance because Evelyn was wriggling in her seat, itching to get up and join in all the movie songs she loves so much.

The dancers and skaters were absolutely amazing too! Instantly recognisable to the characters they were playing and the skating was mind blowing. As an adult you really appreciate just how difficult the routines must be and they never stop smiling on the ice.

Each character and act essentially plays out a very shortened version of the show they are from (or a section of it). I thought this was a fantastic idea and perfect for younger ones who adore these films and are so excited to see some of the movie being played out on the ice!

Of course Evelyn's shrieks of excitement were heard around the entire arena as soon as the Frozen acts started skating onto the ice and I can't deny it, they were amazing! Frozen and Moana were both in the second half of the show and had longer sections compared to the others. Im guessing this is because they are the most popular and recent movies, we had no complaints and loved that these were a little longer.

During the Frozen acts we had bubbles and "snow" falling during their routines and it made the whole atmosphere feel simply magical. It was almost like we had just fallen into the movie and were watching from the sidelines, simply amazing.

Here are some more pictures from the characters we saw on the ice. All as amazing as the other.

Moana was another big highlight for Evelyn (and me!) and is new for the 2018/2019 show. We both loved singing along to the songs and seeing a very shortened version of the film all on ice. There was even an appearance from Maui and the whole thing had you tapping your feet and singing alone.

The whole show was absolutely magical and managed to hold the attention of everyone in the stadium. I don't think I have ever seen Evelyn sit through anything longer than around 20 minutes before (and she is only 4 so totally understandable) however she danced, sang and loved every minute of this show and was transfixed from the moment we took our seats. There are happy moments, sad moments, fireworks, "snow", bubbles, fire and all round foot tapping sing-a-long fun for the whole family. I can guarantee you will leave with a smile.

The show is split into two acts with each half lasting around 45-50 minutes with a 15-20 minute interval half way through. This was just enough time to dash to the toilet and back again as we didn't want to miss and of the show. You also had the options to grab snacks and drinks in this time if you wanted to.

The only thing I would say is that food, drink and merchandise is very expensive! I know this is pretty normal at things like this but it seemed ever more expensive than we have had before. Candy floss with a plastic crown on top was £10 a bag and the flashy light wands and spinners etc started at around £20 each! We just chose not to buy anything and it really didn't hamper our enjoyment of the show. But if you are planning on treating the kids, just a heads up on the costs.

I don't think anything could have taken away our enjoyment of this show however. We really did have the most magical time and a week later Evelyn is still attempting to recreate some of the moves and James is still talking about some of the characters we saw. Its definitely something we will remember for a very long time and can't wait to go again next year!

If you would love to experience Disney on Ice for yourself there is still time! You will find all the Venues and Dates here.


**We received free tickets to watch this show for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post and its content. **

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