Friday 19 October 2018

Snuggling Up For a Family Smoothie Movie Night With Num Noms


I have to admit that whilst summer is nice, Autumn has to be my favourite season!

The colder weather and darker evenings mean its the perfect excuse the snuggling up under the blankets, in ours pyjamas and watch movies on the TV. So when we were recently given the opportunity to enjoy a smoothie movie night in with Num Noms I knew its something me and the kids would love!

We were very kindly sent a "movie night pack" to get us ready for our cosy night in which included the softest pom pom blanket I may have ever felt, a gift voucher for a movie, a bottle and some sweets (its not movie night without snacks is it?).

We also received some Num Noms goodies to try out after our movie which included this adorable light up fluffy Num Nom lights surprise toy, which comes in a jar that can double up as a money box too. We also received the Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker to make our very own pretend slime smoothies!

Evelyn insisted on opening the Num Noms lights surprise jar almost immediately and of course her new fluffy friend had to join us for our movie night. These fluffy little characters are similar to the traditional Num Noms except they are much larger and fluffy so perfect for cuddling up too. They also light up making them the perfect little night light for smaller kids too.

Each Num Noms light surprise comes with a light up Nom which you place inside your bigger Num Noms light surprise to make it light up. They also each have a scent although the scent on ours did fade quite quickly, when we first took it our of the jar it smelt of delicious chocolate and strawberry.

Each of these Fluffy Num Noms comes in a plastic "cup" which you can use to either store your Num Noms or it can double up as a money box, perhaps to save up for your next Num Noms purchase!

After our movie the kids couldn't wait to get started on making their own pretend shakes with the Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker. This fun new toy gives kids the chance to make and create their very own silly shakes.

Inside the box you will find -

- Kitchen playset
- Mixing bowl
- Spatula
- Two scents/flavours (our set had strawberry and blueberry)
- Two toppings (we had fine glitter sparkles and heart shaped confetti)
- 3 silly shakes cup containers
- Large tub of clear slime

To make your silly shakes first find your mixing bowl and add some clear slime from the slime tub included in the box. Next choose your flavour/scent, our box contained either strawberry and blueberry (my favourite was the strawberry!). Add your scent to the slime and mix using the mixer on your playset.

You also have a selection of "toppings" in this set which are either glitter or heart shaped confetti which can then be added to your slime once fully mixed. Once you have added all of your toppings mix once more and then pour into the plunger at the top/rear of the playset to decant your slime into silly shake cup containers to store your slime.

Scooping the slime into the plunger section was a little tricky for Evelyn who is only 4, so I did provide some help with this (she managed the rest of the process herself though). Make sure you have your cup waiting underneath ready as once you push down slime will begin coming our of the bottom (mr whippy style!) and fill your cup.

The kids had a lot of fun with this set and loved that they could personalise each pot of their slime with different scents and glitters. We have now used up all of our slime and I have searched online but can't seem to find any "refill" type packs which would have been perfect. It seems a shame to have to buy the whole playset again once you run our of product so I am going to have a try at make it myself and using some craft glitters to refill our set.

We have a few Num Noms playsets now and each one is well loved by Evelyn. She loves all the little features and the detail is fantastic with the silly shakes maker no exception.  The playset features cute little cutlery as door handles and num nom motifs on the plunger giving it that extra special Num Noms touch.

The only thing we would change with this set is the lack of an actual Num Nom. Lots of the sets we have brought come with a special or exclusive Num Noms character for the set however this ones doesn't. It didn't bother Evelyn though who already has a collection of Num Noms but it is the only thing we would change about this set as she loved it so much!

Do you have any Num Noms or playsets? Which is your favourite scented Num Nom?


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