Tuesday 20 November 2018

Luvabella Doll **REVIEW**

** Review - We received the Luvabella doll for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. This post contains affiliate links**

Evelyn may be all about the adventures, getting muddy and being a diva but when it comes to babies she is about as motherly as it comes. She absolutely adores babies and has been asking me to have another baby so she can have a sister (not going to happen im afraid!). So when we were offered a Luvabella doll to review, I was hoping this might just be the next best thing for her!

Luvabella is an interactive doll from Spinmaster who feels and acts just like a real baby! Luvabella has a whole range of interactive features including laughing, crying, movements and she responds to your actions, she even sucks on her dummy/bottle!

Evelyn was in love from the moment she saw Luvabella and I had to persuade her to stop hugging the box so I could actually get her out. In the box you will find your doll in the outfit pictured below including hair bow, a bottle, a dummy, lamb toy and spoon all of which can be used to interact with the doll. Luvabella also requires 4 x C batteries which are not included. You will also find a set of detailed instructions showing you just how to interact with your new doll and get started.

From the moment we got Luvabella out of the box I was amazed at how life-like the doll really was. Her skin is a rubber like texture and she is packed with sensors including light sensors in her eyes, and touch sensors on her tummy, back and feet making this doll as realistic as possible. Evelyn thought it was hilarious when Luvabella laughed when she tickled her tummy and feet.

If you hold both of Luvabella's feet at the same time she will go into "baby babble" mode, saying "mama" or "dada" (you can switch between the two) and when you talk to her she will babble back. The details on the doll are amazing and no detail has been left from tiny toes and fingers to eyelashes and facial features.

What makes Luvabella even more realistic is that she learns the more you interact with her and can go from baby babble to over 100 word vocabulary. Luvabella acts just like a real baby would and with so many features you never get the same two reactions in a row. You can also reset your Luvabella doll back to "baby" mode easily following the instructions provided.

Just like a real baby sometimes Luvabella gets fussy or cries and you have to work out how to soothe her. Evelyn switched straight into mummy mode offering her baby her dummy and bottle to feed her before watching her gently drift off to sleep just like a real baby. Evelyn was so pleased with herself when she got Luvabella off to sleep all by herself.

Luvabella also plays games too, Evelyn absolutely loved covering her eyes to play peek-a-boo. When you cover Luvabella's eyes she will make a curious sound and when you undercover her eyes she delightfully says "peek-a-boo".

On the back of the doll you will find two switches one to change the language (between English or French) and another is the on/off switch (a god send when your child insists on taking her new baby to bed!). It is recommended to switch your doll off when sleeping to save the batteries and whilst she then won't interact with you, you can still move her arms and legs freely.

Luvabella would make the perfect gift for any child who loves dolls, babies or imaginative play. It would also make a great toy for anyone expecting a new baby and wanting to help their child adjust as it really is so realistic. The only thing we purchased to go with the doll was a pack of nappies. Luvabella doesn't wet or anything but Evelyn wanted to be able to change her nappy like a real baby too!

I honestly can't find fault with Luvabella at all. Evelyn is absolutely in love with her and hasn't stopped playing with her since she arrived. I had initially thought the £99.99 price tag was a little high for a doll but Luvabella is so much more than just a doll. She in a realistic, life-like baby and after spending some time testing out all of the features and seeing just how much enjoyment Evelyn has got from Luvabella I think the price tag is totally reasonable.

Luvabella is priced at £99.99 and is available from all good toy stores and Amazon.


**We received the Luvabella doll for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. This post may contain affiliate links. **


  1. All my kids enjoyed baby dolls when they were younger and this looks a great one. I love that it can speak French, how educational is that? Mich x

  2. She looks like a good doll, cool and different that she can speak french! Great gift for a little one for xmas!

  3. I mean this doll is too cute- I am contemplating getting one for my nephew.

  4. My daughter loves dolls, I'm sure this will be on her christmas list! I love how interactive it is

  5. Eliza loves her Luvabella doll and it has really stood the test of time as she still plays with it all the time, a year on

  6. The thing with this doll, is that I imagine the interactive features will grow with the child, in that they will be able to do more with it as they get a bit older, so it will last a lot longer than some toys.

  7. Aw what a lovely little dolly. This would make for a beautiful Christmas gift xx

  8. What a lovely doll. I love how it looks. My daughter would love this.

  9. This is so cute! It really acts like a real baby. This will be a good gift this coming holiday.s

  10. It sounds like a huge hit and like it would make a super Christmas gift!