Monday 5 November 2018

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn **REVIEW**

* Review *

There is no escaping the kids toy crazes of 2018 and two of the biggest ones have been unicorns and slime! But now there is a toy that combines BOTH and I have to admit its super cute!

Introducing the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn -

The Poopsie Surprise Unicorn is a super cute toy who magically poops slime! Each unicorn comes with over 20 surprises and there are four to collect.

The surprises start as soon as you open the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn! As you unwrap the cardboard outer layer you will discover lots of surprises wrapped in surprise pearlescent bags and the surprises just seem to keep on coming.

Evelyn shrieked every time she unwrapped a new bag and it was lovely seeing her already so excited before we had even opened the main part of the toy. In total there are 20 surprises which include the following -

- Unicorn t-shirt
- Unicorn Diaper
- 4 packets of unicorn food (slime powder)
- 2 packets of unicorn magic (special effect powder)
- 4 packets of unicorn shimmer (glitter)
- 1 packet of unicorn sparkle (die cut glitter)
- Feeding spoon
- Toilet/Potty
- Toilet/Potty bowl
- Bottle with lid
- Measuring cup
- Cleaning tool
- Keychain container
- Hair brush/ Comb

Finally we got down to the pearly white container after peeling away and revealing all of the surprises on the outer layer. We still had no idea which unicorn we would find which I really liked as it made the opening even more exciting.

We cracked open the case with a pull along the edge and revealed our unicorn.... We got Oopsie Starlight!

She has a beautiful pale pink pearlescent body and head with long flowing pastel pink and purple hair. She is finished with a gold glittery unicorn horn and some pretty fun and funky tattoos to her arms.

The attention to detail is immediately obvious, she has beautiful long eye lashes and her eye colour matches the colours in her hair beautifully. There is even a heart shaped belly button and cute silver hooves too.

Here is our Poopsie Surprise Unicorn along with everything you will find within your pack.

Each unicorn also comes with their very own outfit. Oopsie starlight comes with a pearlescent white nappy with gold pins and a black t-shirt with the " Don't Stop Believin" slogan across the front. The clothes are made from a flexible rubber like material which makes them easy to put on and take off from your unicorn. This is pretty important since you will need to remove the diaper whenever you intend on making your unicorn poop slime!

To begin making your unicorn poop slime start by turning the dial on the back of the unicorn to the "feeding" position. Ensure it clicks into place as this means your unicorn is ready to begin making the slime!

To begin tear open one packet of the "unicorn shimmer" and place it into the toilet/potty bowl. Use the golden spoon to scoop up a generous spoonful of the unicorn shimmer and feed it to your unicorn. To ensure your unicorn eats all of the shimmer you need to push the spoon to the back of the unicorns throat, this will gently turn the spoon to make sure all of the powder goes into the unicorn. Repeat this until your unicorn has eaten all of the unicorn shimmer powder.

Next up take your small purple measuring cup and fill with cold water up to the lower fill line and pour into the toilet bowl. Again use the golden spoon the same as above to feed the whole 5ml of water to your unicorn.

Replace the toilet bowl back into the toilet/potty and remove the lid from your bottle. Into your bottle place one sachet of the unicorn food and top up with 25ml of water (this is the top fill line of your purple measuring cup). Covering the hole in the straw of the bottle, shake the bottle for around 1 minute (no more than 2 minutes!) and feed to your unicorn. This is done by placing the straw into your unicorns mouth and squeezing until the solution is all gone.

Carefully return to the dials on the back of your unicorn and flip the dial to the rocking position (until you hear it click into place). You now need to rock the unicorn (in a cartwheel motion upside down) for around 15 seconds to mix all of your slime together.

Ensure you have removed your unicorns diaper (I found it easier to do this at the beginning before you start) and place her onto the potty/toilet. When you are ready for her to poop press her heart shaped belly button and watch the slime/poop fall into the potty/toilet!

Once all of the slime has left the unicorn you need to leave the slime in the toilet bowl to sit for around 15 minutes. This will allow it to thicken up and become a good consistency to play with. After 15 minutes you can mix in half a sachet of unicorn magic and some unicorn sparkle if you wish and mix together.

You can now play with your slime and use it as you wish. When your not playing with the slime you can use the handy key ring that each set comes with to store your slime and keep it fresh.

In total the process takes around 30-45 minutes (after a little practice) and is lots of fun (there were plenty of giggles from both James and Evelyn during the pooping process!). A big thumbs up from a parent point of view that the kit comes with a special cleaning tool and all sections are easy to reach and climb after each use. It literally took me a few minutes to clear up and clean the unicorn and accessories after making our slime.

We honestly really love the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn and have had so much fun creating slime and making our unicorn poop! The kids have been in fits of giggles and Evelyn plays with her unicorn all the time even without the slime.

The only issues we had with the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn were that kids really do need an adult to help as it can be quite fiddly. Evelyn likes to be independent but couldn't get the hang of following all of the instructions before I had to step in to help. Its also worth noting that the slime can be quite sticky, so if you can I would recommend maybe tying up the unicorns hair when making slime to keep it up and out of the way!

Other than the minor issues above we can't fault it at all. The Poopsie Surprise Unicorn is priced at £49.99 which I initially thought was quite a high price however seeing how much fun Evelyn has had with this toy I would say its worth the price tag. This set comes with enough powder to make four lots of slime, you can however purchase" refill poop packs" which are priced at £9.99 which contain all of the elements to make more slime poop as well as a surprise key ring and bottle.

You can purchase the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn from most good retailers including Smyths, The Entertainer and online via Amazon.


**We received the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


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  9. Mellissa Williams10 November 2018 at 21:15

    What an interesting toy! It does seem like something kids would definitely be interested in and I can see it being on lots of Christmas lists this year.

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