Monday 10 December 2018

Exploring Christmas Markets with Aviva


There is something really magical about visiting a Christmas market. Im not sure if its the delicious smells wafting from the many stalls, the glistening lights that adorn every market stall and building or the joyful happy atmosphere that resonates throughout. Whatever it is visiting them is definitely a highlight of the build up to Christmas for me and my family.

(Photo credit to Emma-Louise)

I have been to some beautiful Christmas markets locally including Bath and Bristol however more and more Christmas markets are popping up across the whole of Europe and I would absolutely love to take the kids to visit some one day.

Visiting Christmas markets has become a bit of a Christmas tradition for us as a family (along with visiting Father Christmas of course). They are a great place to visit to soak in all of that Christmas magic and of course pick up some really unique and beautiful Christmas gifts. We try to visit during later afternoon into early evening as you really get the full atmosphere with all of the lights glowing.

(Photo credit to Emma Dowey)

My favourite Christmas market that we have been to has to be Bath Christmas Market. It happens every year between 22nd November and the 9th December and is always spectacular. It is in its 18th year of running and there are around 160 market style chalet stalls to explore and admire as you wander around the picturesque Georgian streets.

As Bath Christmas market is such a popular event there is lots of extra public transport put on to ensure you can get to the market easily including Multiple coach companies running day tours to and from various points. There are also extra trains to Bath Spa train station which is located in the centre of Bath, only a short walk from the Market. There are regular trains which run direct from London Paddington and London Waterloo, with an average journey time of 90 minutes. Bristol Temple Meads is around 15 minutes away by train too. There are also Regular trains running from Cardiff Central train station to Bath Spa, with an average journey time of around 65 minutes.

Of course you can also visit by car which is how we usually travel there. There is usually a little extra traffic around the area especially if you are visiting on a weekend so do leave a bit of extra time to factor that in. When it comes to parking you can get live updates on available spaces in the main bath car parks which is handy to plan where to park and ensure there will be spaces available. 

(Photo credit to Kate Lili)

As I mentioned above Christmas markets are popular here in the UK but also across Europe, huge Christmas markets are becoming increasingly popular with Christmas markets in places such as Berlin, Paris, Lisbon and Vienna. Seeing pictures of these beautiful markets with all of the Christmas lights, market stalls and even ice rinks makes me want to visit with the kids.

Of course visiting would mean traveling and with the kids in tow I think our best option would be driving and making it into a bit of a mini break. Of course when traveling any distance you should always make sure your car is in tip top condition, especially when traveling in winter as conditions can be much more dangerous.

The obvious springs to mind such as checking water, oil and screen wash levels as we all ensuring tyres are pumped up and you have plenty of petrol but something I hadn't considered was Insurance! If you are planning on traveling to one of the European Christmas markets you can purchase one off European car insurance cover policy meaning you are covered for traveling throughout Europe. Another thing to consider is definitely break down cover as we all know cars can be unpredictable and the last thing you want is to be in Europe, broken down around Christmas time with no cover.

You will also find lots more useful foreign travel advice on the gov.uk website.

(Photo credit to Kate Lili)

With so many Christmas markets to choose from I have been asking some other bloggers what their favourite ones to visit are and here is what they said -

Emma from Happy Family Hub  Last year we visited the Christmas Markets in Berlin, Germany and would definitely recommend. The smell of gingerbread, warming Glühwein for the adults and the wooden toys and old fashioned carousels for the kids - you can't beat it! We particularly enjoyed visiting Postdamerplatz and Breitscheidplatz. Top tips - you can usually find unique handmade decorations to take home with you that will look great on your tree. Also when you buy Glühwein to drink, you will pay a deposit for the cup - which you can choose to keep as a collectable souvenir. Also, try the lebkuchen - they're delicious!

Mary from Over 40 and a mum to oneCologne is a beautiful place to visit for the Christmas Market with the setting of the cathedral too. It’s somewhere I’d love to revisit. 

Deborah from CountryHeartAndHome We went on a coach trip to a German market and loved it. I took my mum a couple of years back and the whole atmosphere was lovely. Definitely would do it again.

Do you love visitng the Christmas markets and do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below. 



  1. OOOh I love a Christmas market, and have been to the one in Bath as well, as my parents recently moved close by to there :)

  2. I love Christmas markets so much as can find some good items plus amazing food to try out.

  3. We live in Bath so love the market here, it's so good isn't it? I do love a Christmas market for a nice wander.

  4. I love attending Christmas markets. I hope to visit some of the bigger ones in Europe next year.

  5. I absolutely love Christmas Markets, cannot wait to visit on win our town centre this weekend.

  6. I Love christmas markets my favourite thing is poss all the food and drink you get to consume lol

  7. Our local one is not very good, would love to head to Europe and see a proper one