Sunday 2 December 2018

Guiness World Record Challenges Game **REVIEW**


James absolutely loves the Guinness World record books! I buy him the latest one every year for Christmas and he will spend hours reading through it, telling anyone who will listen all about the amazing records in there.

So when I heard there was a Guinness World Record challenges game from Mega Bleu, I knew it would be something James would love.

The Guinness World Records game is all about completing challenges and testing your world records knowledge to make your way around the board.

The set contains the main board, 150 question cards, 20 challenge cards, a notebook, a dice, five counters and a ping pong ball. You will also require some other household items to play the game which are explained in the instructions these include things such as socks, coins, tablespoons and paperclips.

Each question card shows an image of a world record breaker on the back with four questions on the other side related to the image on the back. The challenge cards are split into two categories', the orange cards are challenge cards and the purple cards are best time challenges. Which card you select will be indicated depending on where you land on the board.

The youngest player rolls first. Each turn you throw the dice and move your counter depending on what the dice lands on. If it lands on a number you move your counter that amount of spaces. If the dice shows a colour (either purple of orange) you move directly to the next challenge square and complete the challenge. To win this game, players must cross the finish line in possession of three challenges: one purple card of Best Time, one orange card of ‘30 Seconds’ and a third card can be either colour. 

If you land on a question square you choose a card from the two stacks of question cards and answer the question on the card. Each card has four  questions however you only need to answer one question, which correlates with the number you roll on the dice. So if you roll a two on the dice you answer the second question on the card. The question is asked by the player on your left (so you cant see the answers).

The Guinness World Record challenges game is lots of fun, it certainly provided lots of laughter in our house. I liked that it lasted a little while with the challenges etc and wasn't a game that was over in 5 minutes. Its certainly not a game you could just grab and play on a whim as you do need quite a few "extra bits" however its lots of fun once you are all set up and would make a great game for a family games night for kids and adults.

Do you love family games nights in your house?


**I received a copy of this game for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Sounds like an extremely fun game! I’d love to get this for my son once he learns to read and write.

  2. What a great sounding game, I might have to invest in it for a bit of Christmas family fun!

  3. We love playing games in our house and it's something we do a lot around the festive period. Strangely enough I have this exact game on it's way to me now x

  4. This looks so much fun, perfect after dinner fun for Christmas eve!

  5. Perfect timing, as just been looking for a game for Christmas - this is perfect xx

  6. I've never seen this game before! Looks amazing though! I always wanted to set a guinness world record!

  7. I haven't seen this game but it looks so much fun! I will look out for it. Kaz

  8. My brother used to love the books as a kid, but I'm sure he'd love the game now as an adult x

  9. We love the World Record books and I've seen this in store and thought I might get it for family game night, looks really fun

    Laura x