Saturday 26 January 2019

L.O.L Surprise Dolls - Bling Series **REVIEW**


L.O.L Surprise have taken over our house a little! They are one of Evelyn's most favourite toys and she will spend hours on end playing with her dolls. Dressing them up and creating adventures and scenarios for them, in fact I would quite like to move into their posh dolls house myself as they are so cared for!

If you are new to L.O.L surprise dolls they are small collectible dolls each with their own unique style and personality. They come in a surprise ball or capsule with lots of other surprises including accessories and outfits. There are lots of series out now including the under wraps series, confetti pop and hair goals dolls (which has real brushable hair). There are also series which contain little sisters for the bigger dolls and even pets! 

Of all the series though, the new bling series has to be the most glittery that has been released yet and Evelyn couldn't wait to see who she would find when we were kindly sent some dolls to review. 

Similarly to previous series the balls consist of several layers which contain clues and stickers before reaching the main ball containing the doll and all of the accessories. This series do have a slight difference though... you can actually see which colour ball you are buying before unwrapping any layers! Each ball has a small loop on the top which indicates which colour ball you have there are four colours available which are gold, light blue, light pink and hot pink. Which doll you get will still be a surprise though as there are several dolls that belong to each ball colour group. 

Evelyn received a hot pink and a gold (with the golds being rares) so im sure you can guess which ball she was desperate to open first.... yep the gold! 

Like the balls in other series, the bling series have perforated zips on each layer making it easy and quick to peel off each layer and reveal the clues inside. Inside our layers we found our clue (shown above) which was "Diamonds are Forever" and a sticker sheet which tells is which action our doll might do when you place her in water. These actions include spitting, crying, weeing and some dolls even have a colour change feature when placed in hot or cold water! 

The actual ball is self is made up of two halves which are easily pulled in half to release the five blind bags inside. One side of the ball will be the same colour as the small loop on the top of the ball and the other half is clear, this is because once you unwrap your L.O.L Surprise doll you can then use the ball to display your dolls. 

Once you have unwrapped all of the layers from your ball and opened up the two halves you should find the following...

Evelyn is always so excited to open these L.O.L Surprise and today was definitely no different. She was so excited to find out who she would find inside her bling series ball and to see just how "bling" and glittery she would be. 

Each of the silver bags contain a different accessory which includes an outfit, shoes and several accesroies. Inside ours we found some VERY glittery shoes, a sparkling flowery head band, a bling-tastic dress and a bottle. 

And who did we find...… it was the rare doll SUGAR QUEEN! 

Isn't she cute!? She has ultra glittery purple hair and even her eyes are glittery. She definitely belongs in the "bling" series and Evelyn says she is one of her absolute favourites from all the dolls she owns. I have to admit that I love these dolls too, they are just so cute and its always so exciting waiting to see who we will find inside each ball. 

At £10.99 these dolls are a little more expensive that what I would class as "pocket money toys" but Evelyn will happily save up her money to buy a new doll as she loves them so much. They are worth every penny for us though as they are the one toy Evelyn never seems to get bored off. She will happily sit and play with her dolls for hours and I love hearing her creating different stories with them or seeing which outfits she has dressed them all up in. 

Here is Sugar Queen all dressed up and stood in the display stand, although she won't stay in here for long im sure as Evelyn can't wait to add her to her collection and start playing with her. 

The L.O.L Surprise bling series dolls are priced at £10.99 and available at all good toy stores including Smyths and online from Amazon

Do you or your children collect anything? 


**We received the product in exchange for feature in this post. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. **


  1. I have heard so much about these dolls, I would have loved them when I was younger!

  2. i have heard about these everywhere and had no idea what they actually were- so thank you!

  3. The sound like kinder surprises but obviously much more fun and better quality. I’m glad she managed to get a rare doll although the weeinf feature some of have sounds a bit much!

  4. My girls love these LOL dolls and the sprakle adds a little extra something. The blind bag toys are so popular now. Mich x

  5. These look super cute! Love the sparkle and pink!

  6. These look so cute and fun! My little cousins would love these.