Tuesday 19 March 2019

Make-Up Tips and Essentials For Mums On The Go.

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Before I had kids I used to do my make-up every day, it was part of my normal routine and I would feel naked without my hair done and my make-up applied. However since becoming a mum I rarely have time to pull a brush through my hair! 

However with both the kids now at school and a pretty good routine going, I have started getting myself back into a good skincare routine and have actually found time to straighten my hair or put some make-up on from time to time. It's amazing how much more confident it makes me feel. 

Finding good skincare products was top of my priority, as they say a good base makes all the difference. Its worth shopping around to find the right product and often big department stores will have beauty counters in where you can discuss your skin type and their knowledgeable staff can recommend products. I also found using an exfoliating glove made all the difference and left my skin feeling so soft. They are really simple to use along with a facewash for your skin type and cheap to buy too, I found mine in a local beauty store for around £1! 

Once you have a good skincare routine in place it only takes a few minutes in the morning and evening to keep it up. I would definitely suggest finding a good day and night moisturiser too as I have noticed over time using a good moisturiser makes all the difference to how my skin feels. Ensuring your cleanse and moisturise twice daily and of course removing any make-up at the end of the day. 

When it comes to make up it really is down to personal choice, I personally like to use a BB cream on a day to day basis as it works as a moisturiser and foundation all in one making it super quick and easy on busy mornings before the school run. However a foundation can offer a better coverage if you are looking for a better coverage day to day. 

I tend to go for a simple look with a BB cream, translucent powder, a eye brow pencil to great slightly darker but still natural brows and a natural lipstick/gloss with a pink neutral tones. I find it creates an easy day to day look that is classic and takes little effort or time because lets face it, spare time is not something us mums seem to have a lot of! 

Of course what works for one may not work for another so its really important to find a routine and products that work for you! I asked some other bloggers their top tips and make up essentials for us on the go mums and here is what they said. 

Amy from Planning Spree - Tinted moisturiser! I keep about four on the go, one in the bathroom, one in my bag, one in the car etc. If I haven’t time to do anything else, I can just slap it on (no blender needed) and not look like a blotchy, sleep-deprived mess.

Jenny from Accidental Hipster MumIf you don't have time for for a full face, apply a shine reducing day cream, concealer under your eyes and mascara and you'll look fresh faced and like you've made much more effort than you really have!

Sophie from Soph Obsessed A good concealer will hide a multitude of sins even the bin bags I've got under my eyes. A good skincare routine will mean you have less of a need for a full face of makeup too.

Nadia from Scandi Mummy -  A tinted balm that can be used for both lips and cheeks. Some even work as an eye shadow, too. A nice coral tone suits most skin tones. Will help you look more refreshed without having to carry around 3 different products.

Nicola from Mummy To DexMake time every evening, once the kids are in bed, to take the day’s make up off, cleanse your face and apply a decent moisturiser. It will leave your face lovely and fresh for the next day and reduce the need for tons of extra make up to cover clogged pores and spots caused by leaving make up on overnight.

Do you have any top tips for quick make-up looks or essentials you couldn't live without, either skincare or make-up wise? 


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