Wednesday 13 March 2019

Moonlite Storybook Projector **REVIEW**

**AD - Gifted**

If there is some thing James and Evelyn both look forward to at bedtime, its a bedtime story! Reading a book together before bed is something we have always done since they were babies and something we still do now. It just seems like such a lovely, relaxing way to end the day plus it helps the kids take 5 minutes to calm down before getting off to sleep.

Whilst reading books is looks of fun, the Moonlite storybook projector makes the bedtime story even more fun, projecting huge images onto the wall or ceiling to go along with our stories.

Moonlite storybook projector is a clever little device that attaches to your mobile phone or tablet and enables you to project a child's favourite stories onto any wall or ceiling.

To get started you will need to download the Moonlite app onto your device. Each story pack (and starter pack) will come with a little card which has an activation code on it. Pressing the small padlock symbol on the top left hand corner of the app will allow you to enter the activation code and download the story. Once you have downloaded the story, place the story "reel" into the Moonlite device and clip it onto your phone. You need to make sure the Moonlite projector is lined up with the torch on your phone.

Lining the projector up took a little bit of practice but I found clipping it on and then wiggling it a little each way slightly until you get a clear bright picture on the wall is the best way and doesn't take long at all.

Once the projector is in place you follow the prompts on your phone to start the story. The beginning image of your story will have a number 1 at the bottom so you know which image to begin with. You can then read through the story which is clearly displayed on your phones screen as you turn the wheel to the next image with each new page of the story. There are even fun sound effects with some words which are clearly marked with a box around them, the kids thought these were great (and pretty funny too!).

The Moonlite storybook projector has been a big hit with both James and Evelyn who are aged 9 and 4. It has made bedtime stories lots of fun and the huge images projecting onto the walls or ceiling have certainly seemed to bring the stories more alive.

The images from the projector are beautifully bright and clear plus having the projector means we have lights off for a bedtime story without me having to try and squint at a book in the dark with both kids complaining they cant see the pictures on the books pages. We have all loved the Moonlite storytime projector and will definitely be investing in some more story reels to add to our collection.

We received the Moonlite Fairy Tale gift pack set which contains class tales including Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Ugly Duckling and Sago Mini on Vacation. The set contains all 5 reels and the Moonlite projector. 

However if fairy tales are not your kids thing there are plenty more stories and gift packs to choose from including Mr Men and The Hungry Caterpillar gift packs and 16 + individual story reels to add to your collection once you have your Moonlite projector. 

The Moonlite storytime projector gift packs are priced at £39.99 and contain 5 story reels and the projector. Individual story reel packs are priced at £7.99. You can find out more information and see the full range of stories available here - mymoonlite.co.uk.


** We received the Moonlite storybook projector and story reels for the  purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. **


  1. These are so cool. My kids would love one of these!

  2. These are so cool! It must be so enjoyable for kids to see their bedtime stories projected like that - I know I would have loved one when I was little!

  3. What a lovely way of getting children calmed down and ready for bed - my daughter would love this!

  4. What a lovely idea, my little one would adore this

  5. Oh how sweet is that! My kids are too old for bedtime stories 😢 but when younger would have loved this