Saturday 27 April 2019

Baby Born Surprise Dolls **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

It's no secret that over the past year collectible and surprise toys have become hugely popular. Evelyn is a huge fan of these kind of toys and loves the surprise element of opening up the toys as well as the collectible element. So you can imagine her excitement when she discovered that the latest collectible from Baby Born combined two of her favourite things, surprise toys and baby dolls!

Baby Born Surprise Dolls are a brand new collectible surprise toy and are sure to be a big hit. Each surprise doll comes in a half egg shaped container carefully wrapped in a Baby Born Surprise embellished cloth to conceal the contents inside.

Once you unwrap the cloth you will find a white plastic container (don't throw this away as you may need it again later!). Inside this you will find your new baby doll concealed within its very own cocoon swaddle in one of the various 12 designs available which include unicorns, ducks and even an ice cream cone! You will also find a blind bag containing a water bottle which will be either blue or pink, this will indicate which gender your baby is.

Evelyn was so excited to unwrap her new doll and squealed with delight when she revealed a baby doll with a "baby blue bear" swaddle. Its difficult to see in the picture but the swaddle has tiny little bear ears, a pink bow detail and glittery striped panel to the front. Opening the blind bag containing the bottle revealed a tiny squishy pink bottle meaning her new baby was a... GIRL!

Another fantastic unique feature about the Baby Born Surprise dolls are the eyes. When you first unwrap your new baby you will notice the eyes are "sealed" closed. To open your babies eyes and reveal their eye colour gentle rub over the eyes with a damp cloth and water (we used a water wipe for ease).

There are 10 surprises included with each Baby Born Surprise dolls, another of those surprises is a colour changing nappy! Each baby comes with a bottle which you can full with water, you can then use this to feed to your baby who will then wet in their nappy. As your baby wets in their white nappy you will notice the nappy will begin to change colour and a design will appear.

Evelyn really enjoyed this interactive surprise and thought it was absolutely hilarious that her new baby had a wee. We did struggle to get the baby to drink enough water to really change the nappy though. So instead we used the plastic container the baby came in (mentioned above) and half filled it with some warm water. We then used it to "bath" baby and her nappy changed almost instantly in the water.

Evelyn absolutely loves these dolls and had so much fun unwrapping them. Whilst they are aimed at children aged 3+ I definitely think they are more suited to kids around Evelyn's age (she is almost 5) as the dolls themselves (and the water bottle etc) are quite small. Whilst I had to help her open the initial outer packaging once that was open Evelyn was able to reveal and play with her new doll independently. This was a big thing for Evelyn as she loves to be independent so the fact she could enjoy this doll without having to ask for help was a big hit.

We opened two dolls in total and got two different dolls although both girls. We opened the Baby Blue Bear (shown above) and Pink Poodle (shown below). Both are super cute dolls which Evelyn absolutely adores. She hasn't stopped playing with them since, practising putting on and taking off their nappies, feeding them with their bottles and wrapping them both up in their swaddling blankets.

Whilst the dolls are fairly small (around palm size) the detail is all there with tiny little fingers and toes, super detailed eyes and unique, quirky hairstyles for each doll. Lots of the detail is also featured in the swaddle though which come in 12 different designs and really make these dolls extra special.

Being able to wipe off the eyes to reveal the eye colour is a lovely touch and something we haven't seen before despite opening lots of surprise toys! The leaflet containing all of the information about each doll is a lovely touch, being able to tell their favourite food, star sign and birth month really added the fun for Evelyn for sure.

The Baby Born Surprise dolls retail for around £12 each and are available from most toy stores including The Entertainer and Smyths as well as online via Amazon.

Are your little ones a fan of any surprise or collectible toys?


** This is a collaborative post, I received two Baby Born Surprise dolls for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**

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