Wednesday 26 June 2019

A Party Fit For A Princess!

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A few weeks ago Evelyn celebrated her 5th birthday and to celebrate she had a party full of all the things she had been asking for in anticipation of her birthday. At the very top of her list was a real life princess, so I was over the moon when I discovered Princess Appearances with Tamara to make Evelyn's dream party come true! 

From the very first enquiry message, right up until the day of the Party Tamara was fantastic. She was so friendly, helpful and approachable, she was available to answer any questions, queries or changes I had in mind whenever I needed which really put my mind at rest when planning the party. 

Tamara offers a huge range of princesses to hire for parties or events including The Mermaid Princess, The Tower Princess, The Glass Slipper Princess, Princess Beauty, The Ice Queen, Sleeping Princess, The Magic Lamp Princess, Island Princess, The Tinker Fairy, Princess White as Snow and The Snow Princess. 

We hired Tamara as "The Ice Queen" and she looked just liked the much loved character she was impersonating, Evelyn (and I!) were totally blown away and she really did believe that the real Ice Princess had come along to her party. 

Tamara arrived in full costume and immediately found Evelyn and set up her things. Tamara brought everything she needed for our two hour party including her own music/speakers, lights, games and even prizes and crafts for every child at the party!

Tamara managed to cover so much during our two hour party including princess crown and superhero mask decorating crafts, party dances, games and even getting the kids involved in making each other into mini Olafs with loo roll and stickers (this was one of the kids favourites I think!). She even had a beautiful wrapped gift and card for Evelyn, which upon opening Evelyn discovered was also in keeping with the theme of her party and her very special guest! 

Tamara offers a number of different packages to suit your event/party and budget. We opted for the two hour party package which is priced at around £140 and includes a birthday card, gift, longer meet & greet and photo opportunities, sweet treats to all children present, crown decorating kits (or equivalent), princess dance routines, individual treat to each child, face glitter / hair bows / face gems, games, sing a long and storytelling (if suitable) Mini Disco can be provided on request which includes music speakers with mini disco lights & microphone.

But if that doesn't sound quite like what you are looking for there are other packages to choose from including a shorter "meet and greet", 1 hour party, 1 hour sleepover party where your chosen character will arrive and read a bedtime story and tuck your party guests into bed. Or if you are planning a swimming party Tamara can transform into a mermaid where she will join in any games and tell party guests all of her tales of the deep! 

The two hour package suited Evelyn's party perfectly and Tamara was absolutely amazing at keeping a hall full of 4 and 5 year olds entertained for the full two hours! 

Tamara made Evelyn feel like a complete princess for the day too, always ensuring she was happy, allowing her to choose what they did next, what game they played or song they sang/danced too. She was so good at bringing the attention back to Evelyn and wasn't afraid to pick her up for lots of cuddles when she got upset (her unicorn balloon popped just as I was bringing out the cake!!) and put a smile straight back onto her face. 

I can't thank Tamara enough for not only providing a fantastic service and making a little girls dreams come true for the day, but also for taking away all of the stress that usually comes with party organising and parties in general. She had everything under control for the entire time and everyone has since commented on how much fun their children had. Lets face it we all know how tricky it can be to keep kids happy but Tamara managed to keep 30+ children happy for over 2 hours all by herself, she is simply amazing!

If you are looking to hire a princess for a party or event I would highly recommend Princess Appearances with Tamara, we honestly couldn't fault her at all. You can find out all about the full range of characters Tamara offers and even book your own party via Tamara's website HERE

Why not pop over to the "Pick a Princess" page and let me know which Princess your little ones would love to turn up to their party, pop your answers in the comments below. 


**I received a discounted hire price for the purpose of this review. However all words and opinions are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. That is perfect for a kids party! I have a niece that would enjoy seeing a of tho number of those princesses.

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