Sunday 9 June 2019

Evelyn - Happy 5th Birthday

Every year I sit down to write these posts and I can't help but wonder where the year went. It has felt like the year has zoomed by and there weren't enough days in the months or minutes in the day to really appreciate every single day of the previous year.

This year you turn 5 and oh boy what a year it has been!

5 years ago today you came into our lives, completing our family and letting us all know you were here, kicking and screaming your way into the world on a sunny June afternoon. I never really knew just how much we needed you to complete our family, I thought perhaps we would only ever have your brother but when you came along you filled a Evelyn shaped hole in our family we never even knew was there.

Its so hard to ever imagine a time that you weren't in our lives, telling us all what to do with your sassy diva ways.

So much has happened this year and you have taken it all in your stride. This year has been full of so much laughter and fun, smiles and experiences, new adventures and exciting challenges and I have loved sharing every moment with you.

This year was the year you started school. It is something I have been dreading for quite some time and as the date approached I am not sure who was more nervous, you or me! We had some wobbles and you still sometimes struggle going in without tears, although those days are few and far between now but you always come out of school with a smile.

You have made a few close friends and you absolutely adore your teacher and the two teaching assistant who all do there best to help you every day. I always look forward to the "stay and play" and "stay and learn" sessions your school run because I get to see a glimpse of your day, I get to see you smile, laugh and play with your friends which is always reassuring, especially on the days when you are so sad at going in.

It has been my absolute pleasure to be your mummy Evelyn because whilst I have been teaching you, you have been teaching me too. You have taught me just how strong and fierce a 4 year old can be. You have taught me to be more kind, how to not care what others think and how a smile can be infectious.

You taught me how to be more gentle, more calm and just how little sleep a human can survive on, note to self you can survive off zero sleep but not for long! But how can I resist your cheeky smile when you come bounding into our bedroom at some unruly hour of the morning for extra cuddles or because you have had a bad dream.

Your love for water grew even stronger this year and you absolutely love being in the water, be that in the bath, in the sea or in a pool, you aren't fussy as long as you can splash. You moved from swimming lessons to being part of the swimming club this year so you could be just like your big brother, you were so proud when you got your swimming hat just like him and you raced home to show him, waving it in the air as you came in the door. 

Your swim teachers all say they love your cheeky smile and your confidence in the water and when you had a one to one lesson in the big 25m pool with a swim teacher they couldn't quite believe how confident you were. You managed to scare a life guard from her seat by letting go of your float in the deep end and happily dived for hoops in water that was way out of your depth, always coming back up with a smile and "again again". 

Of course to mark you turning 5 we had to have a party, especially now that you have all of your new school friends to invite! You asked for a disco with a princess and hopefully that is what I delivered. You had a hall all to yourself, complete with a big bouncy castle, all of your friends, your favourite food, balloons, disco and of course you most favourite Disney princess... ELSA! Honestly your face when she walked through the doors made all the stress of organising a party worth it and you barely left her side the entire party.

You played games, danced and bounced yo your hearts content and when we got home and you saw all of your presents you could barely contain your excitement.

Tonight as I walked you up the stairs to bed, I held back the tears. It feels like every time we walk up these stairs another day is gone, another day that you are growing up and birthdays always make that feel more evident.

No longer content with just letting mummy or daddy brush your teeth, you must have a go yourself now too. Bedtimes stories are now a joint effort since you love to read to us now too! As I watched you get yourself into your pjs, choose your favourite book and read me the title and then pull your own duvet on I thought back to that very first night that we brought you home.

The night when you spent the whole evening on my chest, only satisfied with being on my chest right where you belonged. Tonight as I turned to switch off the light and you asked for your "blably" (blanket for those not in the know lol!) and I couldn't help but smile. You may be turning 5 baby girl but your still my baby and you still love your special blanket and im totally ok with that. You may be growing into an amazing little girl but you will forever be my baby!

Honestly Evelyn being your mummy is the most amazing experience and I cannot wait for another year full of surprises, fun, laughter and challenges that I know we will face together. 

Happy 5th Birthday Evelyn.



  1. What a lovely post. It's so nice to stop and look back on the last year of a child's life. I remember having a wobble when my son went to school. He's 22 now!

  2. Happy Birthday Evelyn! Your birthday party sounds amazing, hope you enjoyed every second!

  3. Aw this is just the loveliest post. Evelyn sounds like such a sweet little girl, I hope she had the best birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Evelyn, such a beautiful post. I hope Evelyn had a lovely birthday

  5. A beautiful reflection on your little lady's 5th birthday. I love how our kids teach us things too. Mich x

  6. Evelyn sounds like such a sweet girl, I hope she had a fantastic birthday xx

  7. What a lovely post for the birthday girl! It sounds like she had an amazing party with lots of loves going on within it! Have an amazing year of FIVE!

  8. What a fantastic post you have done, you could compile it all and make it into a book for her when she grows up. Hope Evelyn had a lovely birthday

  9. Awww. I got a little teary-eyed reading your post. I wish you all the happiness being a mum and watching your little one grow up.