Tuesday 27 August 2019

Road Trips and Tyre Safety.

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The summer holidays might almost be over but lots of us (including me!) are still thinking about squeezing in one more weekend break or holiday before back to school begins. 

One of our favourite places to visit for a family break is Devon, the beaches are beautiful, there are so many great places to stay and a whole host of amazing things to see and do wherever you go in Devon. It’s also only around a two-hour drive for us, so really manageable for a last-minute getaway. 

But whether we are traveling far or staying closer to home, one thing I am always really wary of checking before we go anywhere is the safety of our car and ensuring everything is ready for our trip. Whilst my husband generally checks all the things under the bonnet, I always ensure our tyres are in good condition before we make any trip. 

I know I am not alone in saying that I have seen so many cars pulled over on the hard shoulder with tyre blow outs or punctures, or even seeing the remnants of a blown-out tyre of the side of the road. It always makes me realise just how important ensuring our tyres are safe is! Not just for the driver but for the passengers in the car and for other road users because if your car suffers a blow out the people around you are in danger too! 

It’s so easy to check your tyres and only takes a few minutes but doing so can make all the difference.

However if you do find yourself with any tyre issues such as a puncture which on holiday in Devon, you can get your tyres in Tiverton from Point S experts. Ensuring you can continue to drive safely and enjoy the rest of your holiday as well as knowing you will be safe on your drive home. 

To try and avoid any major issues however, you can do some simple checks before you head off. Things like checking for any bulges in the tyre and ensuring there is plenty of tread left of your tyres. It’s also always worth checking the recommended tyre pressures for your tyres, which can often be found in the car’s manual. Tyre pressures can vary, especially in you are planning or towing anything or using a roof box so it is always worth having a check and adjusting if needed. 

It is also really important to ensure you have the right tyres for your car and the journey you are planning. Whenever we travel to Devon, we find a lot of "country lane" type roads and long winding roads which can definitely take there toll on a cars tyres. Making sure your car is equipped with the correct tyres not only help make your journey safer but much smoother for everyone in the car too. 

We all want to stay safe and arrive at our destination safely so doing these simple checks on your car can really help ensure that happens.

Do you always check your car tyres before any big journey's?


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