Friday 6 September 2019

5 Reasons To Choose Wood Flooring For Your Home.

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When we moved into our current home one thing I knew I wanted to change as soon as possible was the flooring. The flooring that was currently in place was a cheap beige carpet that felt hard under your feet and didn't feel welcoming or practical at all.

Of course we all know that flooring is going to be one of the biggest cost's when redecorating but it can also make the biggest change to both the look and feel to a room which is why its so important to get it right.

I have to admit when we first started looking I wanted carpet. A thick, luxurious, fluffy cloud like carpet. But I quickly realised that with two young kids who barely go a day without spilling something this might not be the most practical option.

Now don't get me wrong there are definitely uses for carpet and we have lovely thick, soft carpets in our bedrooms which have really helped make the room feel cosy and warm as well as seeming to help retain much more heat on those colder days. But for practicality in heavy use areas such as a living area we figured that a wooden floor such as engineered wood flooring would work best.

Here are 5 reasons why choosing a wooden floor might be better for your living space -

- Keeping it clean: If you have pets or children you will totally understand just how easy it is for spills to happen, stains to appear and just how quickly a carpet can get ruined. However with wood flooring cleaning up is not only much easier but quicker too!

Spills can be wiped away, stains are less likely to happen on wood than carpet and with a wooden floor you can wipe a mop over it to remove any dirt, germs or spills making cleaning it so much easier.

- Timeless and Stylish: As I mentioned above whether your choose carpet or wood floor the costs can still add up so when you choose your flooring you want it to be around for a long time. The problem is, when you choose carpet you generally pick a colour and design that fits your current décor. But what about when you change your décor or colour scheme!?

That's where wood floor can be great. It is timeless, stylish and goes with pretty much any colour scheme, style or design. So even if you choose to change things up every year, the flooring will still look great.

- Hardwearing and Durable: Whilst all flooring will of course eventually wear down, hardwood flooring is typically much more hard wearing than carpet. The average engineered wood floor will last anywhere between 10 and 50 years depending on the area it is in.

Not only that but it is less susceptible to stains, rips or pulls like a carpet and can be mopped, scrubbed and washed by yourself if needed unlike carpet which sometimes requires a specialist cleaner to clean it properly.

- Add value to your home: Carpet may look fantastic when it has first been laid but over time it can become flat and dull and it can be really hard to get it looking great again, which can be really off putting for potential buyers. The idea of having to replace an entire carpet and the costs associated with it can be a big off putting feature for new buyers.

On the other hand wooden flooring can be mopped cleaned so it is looking fresh and new even after a few years wear. It is clean, versatile and goes with my furniture and décor so new buyers won't need to change up the flooring as soon as they move in.

- Engineered wood or solid wood floors?: So you have decided on a wood floor but are then faced with the two main choices when it comes to wooden flooring, engineered wooden flooring or solid wood flooring. So which is better? Well whilst it might seem like an obvious choice and solid wood flooring might sound more "luxury", engineered wood flooring is actually becoming increasingly more popular and for lots of good reasons too.

Engineered flooring is much more affordable than solid wood flooring but as it is still made from real wood it can still be classed as real wooden floors, especially important if looking at resale value. Engineered wood floors are also much more capable of dealing with moisture than solid wood thanks to its stable plywood base, making it more practical for use throughout the house.

So if you are looking for that beautiful wood finish in your home but without the huge price tag, engineered wood flooring might just be for you!

Do you have wooden floors or carpet in your own home? If wooden did you opt for the solid wood floors or the engineered wood flooring?


**This is a paid collaboration, however all words and opinions are my own.**

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