Thursday 5 September 2019

Mess Free Face Painting With Face Paintoos **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

My kids love getting their faces paint, I think most kids do! But unfortunately for them my artistic flair stops at stick men and I never stand a chance in replicate some of the beautifully amazing designs they have had a events and parties before. Well that was until we tried out Face Paintoos!

This fun kit is a revolution is face painting and allows you to create fun, intricate and vibrant designs without needing any artist flair at all. What's more they take just a few moments to apply and once on they don't smudge either.

The Face Paintoos party pack contains everything you need to get started, the only additional things you will need is a bowl or jug of warm water and a pair of scissors but that's it! The party pack contains 20 fun face tattoos in which are split between three different packs, The Magical Pack, The Wild Pack and The Pets Pack.
The Magical pack contains smaller designs that fit perfectly around the eyes and forehead with designs such as unicorns, mermaids and beautiful flowers. The Wild pack contains lots of awesome animal designs such as lion, tiger, cheetah and even a dragon! Whilst the cute pet pack contains some adorable favourites such as dog and rabbit.

To begin applying your Face Paintoos first select the design you are going to be using and carefully cut around the edges, this makes it easier to apply and you will be able to line up the design better if you can see where the edges will sit.

Once you have done this carefully remove the clear plastic covering and place onto the face design side down where you want the design to be. When you are happy with the placement, take the sponge supplied and get it wet then carefully "dab" over the design until completely wet. You will need to apply a good amount of pressure to ensure the Face Paintoos transfer from the paper to the skin. But be carefully you don't use to much pressure as it may rip, tear or crease the design (as we found out on our first try!).

When you think the design is ready to be peeled away carefully lift one corner, this will allow you to see if the design has transferred to the skin before you peel the whole thing off. As you peel away the paper do so gently and slowly, I used a ever so slightly damp sponge to dab down any parts that hadn't stuck to the skin completely or that had creased at all.

Then ta da your design is complete and finished. From applying to finished design takes just a couple of minutes and can be done by one person too.

We found the Face Paintoos fairly simply to apply and the more you practice the better you get. We did find that with some of the larger designs or more tricky to apply areas (like above the lip) some of the edges didn't always stick down properly. I found carefully dabbing these with the damp sponge after you have removed the paper from the tattoo really helped stick any loose edges down to the skin.

The kit states it is for children aged 4+ which considering the size of the Face Paintoos is around the right age. Evelyn has just turned 5 and a majority of the designs fit her face really well, although some were a little large. James is almost 10 and as you can see above, the designs were a little small but he still loves the finally look and has had lots of fun using them as has his sister!

The kit comes with plenty of remover wipes which effectively remove the design in a matter of minutes. It does leave a slightly oily residue on the skin though so its worth using a baby wipe or splash of water on the face after just to clean off any residue.

Overall we have been really impressed with the Face Paintoos kit and at just £19.99 for the party pack containing 20 designs, its a really cost effective pay of offering "face painting" at any party or event.

Do your kids love getting their face painted?


** I received this Face Paintoos set for the purpose of this review, however all words, opinions and images are my own.**

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