Wednesday 11 September 2019

Peppa Pig Stage Playset **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

Whether you love her or hate her there is no denying that once you hear that catchy theme tune from the one and only Peppa Pig its going to be playing along in your head for the rest of the day!

Evelyn definitely sits on the love side of the fence and she absolutely loves watching Peppa Pig after school or in the mornings on a weekend, she even plays the Peppa Pig games on her tablet when she gets the chance. So you can imagine how excited she was when she heard she was going to be trying out a new playset from the Peppa Pig range... the Peppa's Stage Playset!

The stage itself is a really good size (slightly larger than A4 size) and feels really sturdy. The bright colours and instantly recognisable backdrops scream Peppa Pig and Evelyn was so thrilled that she could finally create her own Peppa episodes and shows with her own toys.

The set comes with three double sided backdrops (six in total) including Peppa's kitchen and living room, a castle, classroom and two Christmas themed backdrops too. You will also find two plastic figures (Peppa and George) as well as a large selection of card and plastic figures and props to really help you create different scenes and stories.

To help bring the set to life there is also a removable sound box which attaches to the front part of the stage. It has 12 different sounds including the Peppa Pig theme tune, clapping, laughter, fan fair and "magic". It comes ready to go with batteries included, in fact the whole set is pretty much ready to go straight from the box with is great for kids who can't wait to start playing. This addition was a particularly favourite part of the set for Evelyn as she loved being able to add the sounds to her stories.

The sound box clips into the front section of the stage. This part of the stage can be pulled out when in use to extend the stage area but it also doubles up as handy storage too! Just lift the lid on the front stage section and it reveals a handy storage compartment which easily fits the plastic characters as well as all of the accessories that come with the set, perfect for keeping everything together.

There is even a small plastic "hoist" that slots into the top of the stage and can be used either with the characters or small plastic accessories to create the illusion of them flying across the stage, just like Polly Parrot below. Evelyn loved this addition and flying Peppa or George across the stage is a highlight of most of the shows she has put on so far.

The set is really versatile too and it definitely isn't only for Peppa Pig figures! Evelyn has been using it with her L.O.L dolls, Barbies, teddies and of course all of her Peppa Pig figures from both this set and other sets she has too. Plus thanks to the slots in the back of the playset kids can even create their own backdrops to use if they get bored of the ones included. There is even enough space to slot a tablet in the back to use as a backdrop and transform the set from a stage to a cinema, there really are so many options with this set.

I can see this being played with really regularly as its so versatile, fun and great for imaginative play which Evelyn loves!

Are your kids Peppa Pig fans?


** I received the Peppa Pig stage playset for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**


  1. My niece used to be obsessed with Peppa Pig! It made buying her presents for Christmas and birthdays very easy haha!
    This stage playset looks perfect for Peppa Pig fans.

  2. My kids where all Peppa Pig mad when they were younger. We had loads of Peppa Pig stuff! This looks like a great set

  3. Aww, this is such a cute and creative stage set! Evelyn looks really happy with it.
    Emily from http://emilyunderworld.co.uk x

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  5. This looks like so much fun! Olivia is a massive Peppa Pig fan so I could definitely see her playing with this and enjoying it.

  6. My girls used to love Peppa Pig. It's almost like a drug to them, they need it everyday.

  7. This is so cute, my friends kids love Peppa Pig so I bet they'd enjoy playing with this x

  8. I have two peppa pig fans in the house that would love this. Taking them to peppa pig world for their next birthday.

  9. This is so adorable, my youngest would love something like this - with her older siblings getting involved too.