Wednesday 23 October 2019

5 Things I Wish I Did On My Wedding Day

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I got married 7 years ago this year and I can still remember the day like it was yesterday. I had planned it for well over a year, spent many a sleepless night stressing over little details and having nightmares about something going wrong, I am sure lots of you brides and brides to be can relate!

Thankfully our day went without much of a hitch (we will forget the fact our entire wedding cake was cut up into tiny squares before we had even seen it!). But when the dress is packed away, the cards opened and the confetti has all been washed away, there are definitely a few things I wish I had done for my wedding day that I missed.

So today I wanted to share those here with you so that hopefully it can help others who might be planning their big days soon or in the future.

More photos! 

There is no getting around the cost of wedding photography, its pricey but its worth remembering that these will be your only real physical memories of the whole day after it has happened. We choose a lovely man as our photographer but looking back we wished we had maybe book two photographers or a duo as we felt it was impossible for one photographer to catch all the angles and moments we wanted.

I also wished we had thought a little more about what kind of photos we wanted. We don't have many group photos with our families etc nor do we have many "posed" pictures of ourselves to frame. Don't get me wrong I love the photos we have, but I wish we had a few more to remember the day by.

Lesson learnt, when trying to keep within budget, photography isn't somewhere to skimp on!

A second outfit to change into for the evening

I absolutely loved my dress, in fact I loved it so much that after the very first time I put it on I wanted to wear it forever. I felt like a complete princess and it never once crossed my mind that I might want to change out of it on my wedding day.

However it was long, heavy, corseted and big and after 8+ hours of wearing it, especially in a rather warm summer evening disco I wish I had something a little lighter to slip into. Still something bridal, but something a little less fitted and layered perhaps. You can pick up some lovely white bridal style dresses from high street stores now for around £100 so a second dress didn't even have to break the bank either. There are so many stunning designs available for both day and night why not choose two. 

When you buy your dress consider how long and how heavy your dress might be, especially if you are getting married in the summer!

Chose wedding jewellery

Once me and my now husband had chosen our wedding rings we turned our thoughts to other things and I didn't even have a second thought about purchasing specific jewellery for my wedding day. I'm not really sure why but it just didn't cross my mind until last minute when it was far too late to then purchase anything.

Its definitely something I regret as not only would I have loved some beautiful new jewellery to really set off my dress but it would have made a lovely keepsake to then gift to my own daughter on her wedding day too. It could be a simple pearl necklace or something more elaborate, a real statement piece like the pieces available from Red Dot Jewels bridal collection. Whatever you choose to go with, I would really advise considering it.

Have a guestbook 

I designed lots of my own stationary and thought I had everything covered. I had a table plan, name place cards I even made my own invites and post box for cards. But one thing that didnt even cross my mind was a guest book!

I have been to a few weddings and parties since which have had beautiful guest books for guests to sign and leave little messages inside and I would have loved this to look back on now.

Worry less! 

Honestly I stressed about my big day SO much! I turned into a bit of a dreaded bridezilla, I had sleepless nights and stressed over the smallest of details. But do you know what on the day everything worked out fine. If it wasn't working out fine someone stepped in to make sure it did. I forget to remember that on your own day you are surrounded by the people who love you the most who are all more than happy and willing to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

My main bit of advice would be to write a list of all the things that are really, really important to you. Sort those out first and then work through the rest of your to do list after. It means you can rest assured knowing all the major things are sorted and all the little things will work themselves out. Even if they don't I bet you won't remember because it will still be the best day of your life anyway.

Is there anything you wish you had done differently, or perhaps not done at all on your big day? Please do share them below.


**This is a collaborative post in which I received a fee. However all words and opinions are my own.**

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