Wednesday 2 October 2019

5 Ways To Tranform Your Kitchen Into A Place You Love!

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The kitchen holds such fond memories for me, I remember as a child clambering up onto a stool that felt a mile high, to help my nan make fairy cakes and whisk batter to make Yorkshire puddings. They are memories that I will treasure forever and that is definitely where my passion for cooking and baking stems from.

However since becoming an adult and having my own family, being in my kitchen space can sometimes feel like a chore and stressful. We don't have a huge kitchen in our current home and I dream of a nice big kitchen when we buy our forever home. A space I can cook to my hearts content and teach my own kids all the things my nan taught me.

When we do buy our own house I want to complete rip out the kitchen and start from scratch, so I can design the kitchen exactly how I want and make it work for me and my family! I've given it lots of thought too. I thought I would share with you some of my tips for transforming your own kitchen space. Whether you are looking for cheap kitchens, lavish kitchens or kitchens full of gadgets and space you can make any kitchen work for you and your family.

Here are five ways that you can transform a kitchen space from cluttered to a place you love to be -

Declutter - 

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, too much clutter hiding behind your kitchen doors can make a kitchen space feel disorganised and messy. Not only that but clutter could be taking up much needed cupboard space or counter surfaces and harbouring germs or dirt too.

Try to work out what utensils and gadgets you will use the most and only have these out on show or to hand. The rest can be tucked away in cupboards and draws to give you more space to work in your kitchen. I find decluttering a few times a year helps keep things at bay, you will be surprised how many bits and pieces find their way to the backs of kitchen cupboards.

Pops of Colour and Personality - 

Neutral colours look great in a kitchen but all spaces in your home need to show a little bit of your personality. This could be through a feature wall of a bright colour, wallpaper with a fun design or even a picture wall. But if you don't want to add colour on your walls why not do it through your kitchen gadgets and appliances!

You will be surprised by how much difference having that pop of colour and your own stamp on a space can make in making you enjoy a space more.

Make Your Worktops the Centrepiece - 

A beautiful stand out, eye catching work surface can make any kitchen go from an area to cook to an area to admire. Whilst kitchen worktops are a practical feature they can be a beautiful one too and when it comes to choosing the right one for you , there is plenty of choice out there.

From dark blacks and greys to gleaming white, Quartz worktops or granite the possibilities are endless! One thing to remember though is that investing in a good quality worktop can save you lots of money in the long run. Lots of them are stain, shock and scratch resistant and super low maintenance too so its worth investing in a good quality worktop.

Create Space -

A cramped kitchen is no fun, especially if you are going to be spending lots of time in it cooking! Creating space can be as simple or expensive as you wish but the important thing to remember is maximising the space you have.

Using under-counter space for appliances such as fridges or freezers can free up space or if you have room in the middle of your kitchen why not create a kitchen island. It will not only give you more space to work on but it can double up as a table space for family to eat around, therefore saving space that would be taken up by a table and chairs.

Make the Space Work For You! - 

The most important thing to consider when thinking about your kitchen is making it work for you! Think about what you will be using your kitchen for. Think about what the important things are to have in the kitchen for you and your family, then work outwards from there.

Don't have items because you "think" you should, every family is different and therefore so is there kitchen and how it needs to work. For us its all about space, storage and personal touches like a big chalkboard for us to write down the shopping list, meal plan and kids plans so we don't forget them all!

Do you love spending time in your kitchen? If so what is the favourite part of your kitchen?


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