Monday 21 October 2019

Go Glam Nail Stamper **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

Evelyn loves a bit of a pamper and she loves nothing more than when daddy and James go off to football and we get to stay at home and have a girly pamper day! So when we were recently asked if we would love to try out the Go Glam Nail Stamper, I knew it would make the perfect addition to our pamper afternoon's.

The Go Glam nail stamper comes complete with everything you need to paint your nails and create some fun and colourful designs too. Inside the box we found two different coloured nail polishes (a blue and a purple) as well as a clear top coat. The kit also contains the nail stamper itself along with 5 different stamp designs.

To keep everything together the set also comes with a very pretty glittery bag which can be used to store all the bits for the nail stamper when not in use. The bag even has its own min nail file attached to the bag zip! Evelyn loves her new bag and is using it to store all her nail polishes inside, its huge so will fit plenty more refills when she gets them too.

To use the nail stamper you first need to paint your nails using one of the colours provided. We quickly discovered that the set only works with the nail polishes that come with the set which was a little disappointing. However you can buy extension packs with contain different colour polishes (you an read more about these below). 

When you paint your nail you need to allow it to almost dry, but still be slightly tacky so that the design can adhere to the nail. Once your nails are ready just slide your chosen design pod into the nail stamper and place your finger into the hole. There is a slight indent on the base of the stamper which gives you a guide to ensure your finger is in the right place and central. 

Then with a quick, fast motion press down the button on top of the stamper and release. As the design stamps the nail stamper will roll the design along (almost like a cassette) so the stamper is ready immediately to move onto the next nail. We did notice with this though, especially on little nails like Evelyn's that there is a lot of the design wasted and we couldn't work out a way to reuse after it had rolled up which was a shame.However the finished result it lovely, really clear and bright and it actually looks quite professional. 

Once you are happy with your designs, simply apply a layer of the top coat to keep seal everything in. It gives a lovely shiny finish but it is worth noting that as these are children's nail polishes they do come off quite easily. Evelyn's peeled off in the bath but its ideal for a weekend treat as the polish can be removed easily for school! 

Overall we really enjoyed the set and had such a lovely time sitting together and helping with each others nails. The kit is aimed at children aged 8+ but Evelyn is 5 and still really enjoyed the set, but she did need some help. 

I can see this being a big hit with young girls and would be perfect for a pamper day, sleepover or a party, you could stamp quite a few nails with all of the designs included. Its also an added bonus that this set doesn't require any batteries too so you don't have to worry about it running out. 

After a bit of practice we found it fairly easy to use but we did have a few tries that didn't really work as the polish was too tacky or we didn't push hard enough on the stamper and only half the design printed. I also found that the stamper doesn't quite completely cover an adult size nail. When Evelyn did mine it worked well but only really printed down the centre of my nail, it still looked fab though! 

The Go Glam nail stamper is priced at £25 with the refill packs priced at £12.49 for a double pack (1 colour varnish, 1 top coat and 2 different nail stamp pods). 

Which design would you go for? 


** We received these products for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are own.**

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