Friday 11 October 2019

Happy Birthday James - Double Digits!

James, my kind, caring cheeky little chap. Today you turned 10, wait let me say that again 10! I can't quite believe that today marks 10 years since you came into our lives, making me and your dad two of the proudest people on the planet.

I have sat and stared at this screen for the past week wondering what to write. You see it's not that I don't have the words, it's that I want to get across to everyone just how amazing you are and how awesome the last 10 years have been, and I'm just not sure my words are enough.

You see James when you came into our lives you changed us. You made us parents, you were the one who made us realise what true love was like. You transformed us from people to parents and there is nobody else I would have even chosen to share that journey with. I might be your parent but sometimes I think you are the one who holds my hand and helps me through life. My son, my best friend and my teacher.

Of course you have your moments and you love a bit of drama, particularly when you can't get what you want and you like to drop to the floor, roll around and declare how much you hate the world in a true EastEnders style. You like to have the last word and lord help anyone who tries to outdo you because I am pretty sure you could chat for days if we let you.

But behind all that is a caring young man, a boy who goes above and beyond for his friends and family. Always worrying about everyone else's feelings above your own and trying to make everyone happy all the time. You have this zest for life and you always want to get stuck in, even when you struggle you always give it your best shot. I am certain you could make friends anywhere in the world, every time we go out you always manage to make a little friend to kick a ball round with!

Your teachers couldn't sing your praises enough this parents evening, telling me about a little boy who is achieving great things, who tries hard and above all else shows a real love of learning and of school. This year is your year to get that hand-writing pen I just know it!

We have also really seen your competitive side come out this year, especially in your two favourite hobbies... football and swimming. You have continued to totally smash it in your swimming, working so hard and training four times a week, I so admire your strength and determination every single time you step into that pool. I have loved being poolside, cheering you on at every competition and seeing you scoop so many medals this year, including a GOLD. It made all the money and time spent poolside worth while for sure.

You also joined a local football team a few months back and were so excited to be given your very own kit. You work so hard at training and whilst you have only played two proper games so far you love the excitement that comes with them and love cheering on your mates which is so lovely.

This year has gone crazy fast but you have fit in so much. You continue to amaze me with what a lovely little man you are becoming and I am so very proud to able to say that I am your mum. Here's to another year of fun, laughter and living life to its fullest.

Happy Birthday James!


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