Tuesday 22 October 2019

Losing My Hair at Just 19!

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When you become pregnant you hear many "myths" about what will happen to you and your changing body. However for me one of those things was more than just a myth it was reality... hair loss!

When I became pregnant with my first baby my hair grew thicker, glossier and longer than ever before. It felt amazing, if not a little tiring trying to maintain! However that joy was short lived as just a few short weeks after having my son my hair began to fall out. It started with just extra hair on my brush but that became clumps of hair in the shower when I washed my hair then I started noticed bald patches!

I would spend ages looking at the thinning and trying to calculate the length of my hair and how it had changed in such a short space of time. I was just 19 and absolutely devastated, I know that sounds very dramatic but as a 19 year old with a new baby and changing body losing my hair just felt like another blow and another thing to feel self conscious about. My hair had always been a big thing for me ever since cutting it short as a teen I vowed never again and have always had it long and took pride in keeping it looking healthy. I am not afraid to say I cried when I realised the extent of the hair loss and how it really chipped away at my self confidence.

The hair loss did seem to slow down and after a few years it had almost stopped, I was still left with some bald patches but new hair was growing much to my relief. I then became pregnant for the second time with my daughter and my hair began falling out again before she was even born! I was mystified as to why this was happy and devastated that my already now thinner hair was falling out again.

I realise this sounds extreme and there are many worse things in the world but when its happening to you it really does knock your confidence and self esteem. Evelyn is now four and I still have several bald patches the most noticeable being on the front of my head on the right side. I have learnt to cover it over, styling my hair to disguise it. But recently I have been looking at ways to try and encourage some hair growth and get some confidence back rather than hiding behind a hair flick!

There are a variety of "non invasive" treatments to try for hair loss online and in shops a few I came across were shampoo and conditioners and treatments specifically for thinning hair, hair loss and encouraging hair growth. 

One of those products I came across is Nanogen for hair loss which invented in 2001 with the sole ambition to empower everyone to take back control of the way we think about thinner hair. 

Nanogen is made of 100% natural keratin fibres that adhere to your hair and will stay in place until you wash them out. So whilst they won't help your hair grow back they can definitely give the look and volume of thicker hair and work as a great temporary solution if you need quick results. 

Treatments and products for hair loss products range in price but start at just a few pounds and I think would definitely be worth a try if you are experiencing some light hair loss. I also found vitamins that are suppose to encourage hair growth and contain a mixture of vitamins and minerals designed to encourage growth and strengthen hair etc. I'm not sure how effective these would be however I can't see it doing any harm in taking them anyway and having the correct vitamins and minerals will always help keep your hair and nails etc looking healthier.

However if you are looking for a more permanent solution there are many clinics around that offer a range of treatments and medications available for all types and severities of hair loss for both men and women. These include hair transplants, hair loss medications and even eyebrow reconstruction. 

Its great to know there are so many choices out there and knowing that which avenue you decide to go down there are options rather than just suffering with the upset and feelings hair loss can cause. 

Have you ever suffered any kind of hair loss? Would you consider any of the options above? 


**This is a collaborative post in which I received a fee. However all words and opinions are my own.**

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