Friday 8 November 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Visit The Dentist

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Most of us know how important is that we look after ourselves, our bodies and our health and that includes our teeth! But there are lots of people who regularly miss their routine dental check ups either brushing them off an unimportant, avoiding due to the cost or because of a fear or phobia.

But visiting the dentist is so important for our overall health because dentists do more than just "check our teeth". So here are 5 reasons why we should all make sure we make regular visits to the dentist.

Saving You Money

It may not feel like you are saving any money when you book your routine dental appointments, in fact quite the opposite. However ensuring that you attend your routine dental appointments can actually save you money in the future since further dental work can be very expensive! 

In fact even simply treatments, cleaning or fillings can soon rack up into the hundreds, even thousands of pounds if issues are left undetected and untreated for prolonged periods of time. When you attend your regular appointments any issues can be detected early and treated easily and quickly too, often at a much lower cost than if left to get worse.

Detecting Oral Cancers 

When you head to the dentist it isn't just your teeth they are there to check! Dentists actually are able to check your teeth, gums and overall oral health in general too during a routine check. Dentists are highly trained an experienced in noticing signs of anything un towards and can advise you how to process such as visiting your GP or hospital for any more serious concerns.

Many of us would struggle to know the signs of oral cancers, or be able to detect them in our own mouths (its a fairly tricky area to examine yourself!) which is why it is so important to visit your dentist regular who will be better trained to spot any changes or problems. So next time you think about missing your appointment just remember that a dentist check up could save your life!

Plaque, Cavities and Bad Breath

Nobody wants bad breath and it is something lots of us are very conscious about, especially when we are around others. Bad breath is predominantly caused by issues within the mouth, issues which could easily be resolved by regular visiting the dentist.

Even the most diligent of brushers will find it difficult to avoid any plaque build up at all, that's because inside al of our mouths there are small parts which often get missed by brushing and flossing and these are the areas where plaque will form. But fear not as these areas can easily be reaching by the equipment that dentist's use and they will be able to provide some tips and ideas for reaching those places when brushing or flossing too.

Leaving and allowing plaque to build up may not seem like a huge deal but it really is. Plaque, if left untreated can solidify and turn into tartar which can be very tricky to remove yourself and can leave to much more serious problems such as gum disease.

Avoiding Toothache and Pain

If you have ever suffered with a toothache you will know it is no laughing matter, in fact having a toothache or any kind of pain around your teeth or gums can make even the happiest person miserable.

But that pain can be avoided if treated before the issue becomes painful with regular checks and cleaning at your dentist appointments. Finding issues such as decay, swelling or impacted teeth early not only means you avoid the agonising pain but it means treatment is often easier, less painful and cheaper too! Once you have had toothache once you will realise how much easier it is to just go along to your routine checks!

Minimising Damage From Bad Habits

Bad habits... we all have them but do you know the impact some of your habits could be having on your oral health? Simple things such as eating to many sweets or drinking too many sugary or fizzy drinks right through to smoking can all cause damage to our oral health. But sometimes stopping is easier said than done, or perhaps you don't want to stop?

Well that's where dentists can really help. Be honest with them, when they ask if you smoke or what you drink. They aren't there to tell you off (although they will advise you of the dangers etc) but they may also be able to advise of treatments to help or products to use to combat any issues or signs (such as yellow staining etc on teeth).

Of course if you are suffering from a fear or phobia this can make attending your dentist appointments feel impossible, believe me I have been there with a severe needle phobia so totally understand how debilitating a phobia can be. However many dentists are very understanding of this and if you let them know before had you can book an extended appointment to discuss your worries and to allow more time for treatment.

Alternatively you could seek help through your doctors for something like CBT which is a great therapy that helps many overcome overwhelming phobias.

Be sure to book a dental check up at Meadows Dental or your local dental practice soon and stay up to date with your regular check ups to stay on top of your dental health.


**This is a collaborative post in which I received a fee.**

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