Sunday 24 November 2019

Bringing Imagination to Life with HugARmals from Mardles

**AD - Review**

Children's imaginations are amazing, aren't they? I absolutely love listening in when Evelyn is playing with her dolls and toys, because the stories she comes up with are amazing and give me tiny little glimpse as to what is going on in her head sometimes. But now HugARmals from Mardles are helping kids bring their imagination to live with a mix of adorable cuddly toys and an interactive app! 

HugARmals from Mardles are a range of cuddly toys that can be brought to live using the free Mardles augmented reality app. There are currently two different cuddly toys in the range, the friendly fire breathing dragon and a very sparkly unicorn. 

Whilst the cuddly toys are of course perfect for hugging and playing with on their own, the fun feature of these toys is that you can bring them to life through your phone or tablet. Once yo have downloaded the free Mardles app, you scan the badge on the HugARmals foot. This will bring your chosen toy to life and allow you to use a range of features to interact with them including feeding them, watching them dance and even tucking them up to bed. 

The great thing about the app is that once you have downloaded the app onto your chosen device there are no advertisements, data capture or in app purchases. In fact, once you have downloaded the app you don't even need a Wi-Fi or internet connection to enjoy the fun so kids can even play the app on the go. 

Whilst playing through the app children can also take images of their fun using the in-app camera which will take a quick screen grab so you can look back on the magical memories and adventures. 

Evelyn absolutely adores her new Unicorn, the unicorn itself is around 30cm in size and feels super soft. It feels well-made and sturdy, perfect for kids who like to carry around their toys with them everywhere! It is covered in dozens of sparkly rainbow-coloured stars and of course no unicorn is complete without a rainbow tail and mane to complete the magical look. 

We were really impressed with the app itself; the app found the toy almost immediately as soon as we pointed it as the toys badge on its foot with no delay or faffing around having to get it into a certain place to scan. The app was really responsive, even when Evelyn was tapping away at all the functions the app kept up and there was no lag or freezing at all. 

The app is available to downloaded on both android and apple and we had no trouble downloading it on my phone. However, we were a little disappointed to find that the app currently isn't available on the Amazon Fire tablets as I know these are quite popular with kids (both my two have these tablets) and I know Evelyn especially would love having the app on her own tablet to use when she pleased. 

Both the HugARmals dragon and unicorn are priced at £24.99 which of course also includes the use of the free augmented reality app, they are available to buy from the Mardles website. 

Which character do you or your little ones like best, the unicorn or dragon? 


**We received a HugARmals toy for the purpose of this review. However, all words, opinions and images are my own. **


  1. Oh wow, what a cool idea! My niece adores unicorns, so she would absolutely love this! Tempted to add one to her Christmas list...

  2. I'm loving the unicorn!!! These sound great. I've used the stickers before but didn't know they now had toys available too.

  3. I love the unicorn, our house seems to be unicorn mad a the moment I have to have a look out for this now x

  4. Oh god how amazing is this! The girls are mad for unicorns , this would an absolute hit in our house for Xmas

  5. I can't believe what you can do with the tech nowadays, this is so clever and I'm sure your daughter loved it x

  6. Great that once the app is downloaded there are not any adverts and also it can be played off line. Mich X

  7. I love the sound of this toy and the fact it has an app. Interactive toys make it that’s much better. Imagination is great, my son wasn’t so imaginative, so great to hear.

  8. My daughter is really into unicorn at the moment and I know she would love this, have not come across HugARmals but they look so pretty

  9. This is such a cool idea! I love that the app has no ads - I hate kids apps with tons of ads. I think Olivia would love this.

  10. Oh wow how cute is this. this will make such a nice Christmas gift and the unicorn is brilliant xx