Friday 8 November 2019

Do Any Of Us Really Have It All Together?

I hold my hands up and admit I am an over thinker. I allow tiny little things to take over my mind, to rule my thoughts and my feelings. I let my mind make things bigger than they ever were before and my own brain creates these wild scenarios that become reality in my head. But on the outside, I'm happy, smiley and chatty, I often come across as care free, but on the inside I am anything but.

In a time when social media is everywhere, where our lives are shared to sometimes thousends even millions of people through the internet, apps and online platforms. It has become so easy to compare ourselves to others. To doubt our abilities, our judgement and most of all ourselves. To feel that we have to become something we are not, to appear happy all the time.

Those mums you see on the school run who look amazing every morning, you don't know there struggles. The friends you have that always seem happy, they could be sad inside. What we see on the outside isn't always what is going on deep down. But those people are too afraid to often let their guard down because all to often now we feel that we have to live up to everything and everyone that we see.

But Life is real. It isn't an Instagram grid or a snapchat filer, it isn't a snippet of a conversation on WhatsApp or a carefully thought out photo on Facebook. Life is real and real life can be hard. I'm not saying we can't all have beautiful Instagram grids or albums of precious memories, we all want those things to look back on, to remember those beautiful, amazing times.

But lets not forget that those things don't convey real life all the time. They convey a moment in our lives that was good, that was happy, that was darn right amazing. But there are other moments in our lives too that we shouldn't be ashamed to share, to talk about, to acknowledge too. They aren't dirty secrets to hide or memories to quickly forget. They are lessons to learn, they form us, they make us human.

I wanted to write this post today because I want everyone who reads this post, whether you are a parent or not to know that nobody really has it all together. We just learn, grow, adapt and continue. Life is a journey, one in which nobody gets through without regrets or bad decisions, without mistakes or wrong choices but guess what... those things don't define you. They don't define who you are as a person, as a parent, as a wife or husband, son or daughter. They merely happen and we move on and we carry on because life carries on.

So just because your friend seems happy or a parent looks like they aren't struggling don't always assume. Still offer to help, still smile, still be friendly and kind. We all have days were we feel like we don't have it all together but believe me you are not alone, ever. Because none of us really have it all together all the time.

So to answer my initial question, no I don't think any of us really have it all together and do you know what that's absolutely fine, in fact its normal! Some days are about one foot in front of the other and getting by and that's absolutely fine. 


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