Sunday 10 November 2019

Essential Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe In Winter

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Looking after your car is important all year round, but when the colder weather arrives, conditions on the roads can become much more dangerous. That's why it is imperative that we take extra care, time and attention to keeping our cars safe during the colder autumn/winter months to keep everyone safe.

I spend lots of time driving around in my car (playing mum's taxi!) and the majority of the time I have the kids in the car too so I am always very conscious of keeping my car up to date with checks. Making sure I check it myself for any issues so these can quickly be fixed and taking it to garages or mechanics for any problems I am unsure about or worried about. Doing regular checks on your car can not only save you money since you can identify any problems early and get them dealt with, but it can also save lives when you are on the road too!

Here are 4 ways to help you keep you and your car safe this winter.

- Make regular checks on your tyres to ensure they have suitable tread and aren't showing any signs of wear and tear such as bold spots or punctures. Tyres can so easily get overlooked when it comes to car safety but when you think about it, they are actually the one thing (or 4!) that connects your car to the road below, so it is so important that these are safe. It is advisable to ensure both the 4 tyres on your car and your spare tyre are all in good usable condition and if not repair or replace them. Now you can book tyres online from Jet Wheel Tyre or head to your local garage to have your tyres checked, changed or for advice. 

- Adjust your driving conditions to the weather, just because a road may be a 60mph speed limit doesn't mean you have to do 60mph, it's a maximum speed limit not a target and often in wet, icy or snowy conditions you will need to adapt your speed and driving to the road conditions. Before you head off also make sure to check that all of your lights are working, and no bulbs need replacing. Having your lights on is a must to be seen in dark, wet or foggy driving conditions and can help you be seen by other road users, especially if you might be driving slower. 

- Book your car in for a health check when the colder weather arrives. Many garages and car retailers will offer a "winter health check" where they will check over your car to make sure it is winter ready and that everything is topped up and working as it should be. They will check things such as tyre tread depth, oil, water and anti-freeze levels as well as checking that your battery is working well too, they may also use a car diagnostic tool to help find any issues. These checks can really put your mind at ease if you are going to be using your car a lot during the colder weather and can identify any problems so they can be fixed before the bad weather arrives. 

- Have a break down pack ready in the boot of your car in case of emergencies. Whilst these are actually really handy to have it your car all year round, there are a few essentials you can pack inside that are particularly handy to have in the winter. A good breakdown pack should contain some warm blankets or clothing layers, a hi vis jacket, torch, jump leads, empty fuel can, water and snacks with a long shelf life and any important documents you might need. This could include your insurance details and any numbers/paperwork for your breakdown cover provider. That way if you ever find yourself stuck in traffic or broken down on a cold winter day you will have all of the essentials to keep you as safe as possible whilst you await help. 

What are your top tips for keeping your car safe during the winter months and colder weather?


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