Friday 28 February 2020

5 Easy Ways You Could Be Saving Money Every Day

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The majority of us are usually always saving for something, whether that be your first home, dream holiday, a new car, or maybe even just to treat ourselves to something we have seen that you love. Either way, for most of us, when we want something special we have to save for it. But when bills seem never-ending and day-to-day life it can seem hard to save a good amount of money each month to help you reach your goal! 

But there are plenty of ways we could all be saving up a little more cash each month by making simple changes, shopping smart, and cutting back. So here are 5 quick and easy ways I use to save money on a daily/weekly basis that help me put a little more into my savings each month. 

Using cashback sites 

Cashback sites are a great way to make money for making your normal purchases with very little fuss or hassle at all. You simply visit your chosen cashback site such as Top Cashback or Quidco, search for the retailer you are buying from and then click through to the retailer directly from the cashback site (there will be a clickable link). The cashback site will then do all the hard work for you and you are then paid back a percentage of your total costs into your cashback account. 

The cashback and the amount of time it takes to be able to cash out will vary depending on the retailer, however, as long as you haven't used any discount codes, etc then your cashback will be paid and you can usually transfer this straight into your bank account or PayPal once it is payable. This means you can get money back just for buying things you would be buying anyway, you could then put any cashback into savings! 

Too Good To Go app

If you like trying new food, or just enjoy delicious food in general but hate spending so much money on food, then the Too Good To Go app could be perfect for you! I discovered this app a few months ago and have been using it ever since, its that good. 

The app works by encouraging businesses and store owners to join the app in a bid to reduce their food waste. The app helps stop leftover food from being wasted by restaurants and cafes, customers can pick up a ‘magic bag’ of assorted food items for a great discounted price. The contents of the bag remain a surprise as of course the leftovers will vary day to day for each business. But with the heavily discounted price, even if there are a few items inside you dislike, it's still a great deal! Plus you could always pass the items you dislike onto others too. 

There is a huge variety of stores using the app now (over 3400!) with a variety of food too, everything from roast dinners, sandwiches, and even cakes. Even large supermarkets such as Morrisons are taking part! This means you get lots of great food for less money meaning you can add a little more to your savings. 

Check discount/voucher/offer sites before you make a purchase

Everyone loves to feel like they got a good deal when they make a purchase. But you could be missing out on lots of great deals if you aren't searching offer and discount sites before making a purchase. 

Websites such as Sign up Offers hand-pick the best signup offers and bonuses to help you save money and get a great deal when making a new purchase. Whether you are looking for a great discount/money off or even free stuff such as food and welcome offers then make sure you visit before you make a purchase to make sure you really are getting the best deal. Signing up for offers only takes a few minutes and a few simple details too. 

Take your own lunch/drinks with you

So many of us get into the habit of grabbing lunch on the go, a coffee before work, or a meal deal from a local convenience store to save time in the morning. However, have you ever sat down and worked out exactly how much you are spending every week/month doing this? You might be surprised at just how much it all adds up to. 

Instead, why not invest in a nice lunchbox/bag and insulated coffee mug and take your own? If you are worried about time in the mornings you could make lunch the night before or even take leftovers from your evening meal if you can reheat them on the go! 

You could then have a jar or tub where you could start putting the money you used to spend on lunch, you might be surprised at how quickly it soon adds up, and before you know it you could have a chunk of your savings goal already, just by making a few simple changes. You might be able to go on holiday or buy that used Vauxhall you had your eye on sooner than you think.

Start a savings jar for loose change

Have you ever heard of the saying "take care of the pennies and the pounds look after themselves"? Well, it really is true. How many of us would really miss a few bits of loose change each day? When you see those 1p, 2p and 5p coins laying in the bottom of your purse or bag do you really think about what they could amount to? 

Last year me and my husband started a change jar. We started off putting any loose change under 10p into it at the end of each day and never once opened it, in fact, we taped it shut. But you can also buy large tins which you have to use a tin opener to gain access to if you are worried you might be tempted to dip into it. 

When we open it months later (almost 10 months in fact) we were very surprised to find me had almost £60 in the pot which is basically a weekly food shop for us. It's surprising how quickly those little bits of change soon add up without you missing them or even realising them. We are doing it again this year in the hope we might be able to save enough to cover the fuel costs for our summer holiday. 

Regardless of whether your saving goal is a few hundred, few thousand, or ten's of thousands of pounds with determination you can reach your goal. To help you stay on track it can be really handy to have a chart or book of some kind where you can tick off smaller targets as you save. This helps you see how far you are into your target and helps you to see you are making progress too. Maybe even attach a picture somewhere inside/on it of your target so every time you open it you see why you are saving and trying so hard. 

Do you have any other handy ways you save money? I would love to hear them in the comments below. 


**This is a collaborative post.**


  1. I knew about a few of these but will definitely be giving the ones I didn't know about a go! Very helpful post!

  2. Mellissa Williams1 March 2020 at 22:59

    I definitely need to check out the Too Good To Go app, it sounds great! Some great ways to save more money here!

  3. I need to use cashback sites more as I always forget. Although I have used too good to go a few times, although I'm a little pickier with food so it's not always the best for me x

  4. I have a loose change jar, but once the pennies go in, they are not allowed back out. Then I get them all changed into notes just before we go on holiday, so we have a bit extra spare spending money.

  5. Haven’t had a jar for coins for a while. But it’s deffo a lucrative way to save as lose change in the bottom of my hand bag. Pockets. Down the back of the sofa ... in a jar it all adds up!

  6. We have savings jars for all our coppers which works well and I love the savings I can make from cashback sites

  7. Cashback sites have been great for me as I tend to buy most things online rather than brave the city. So lovely to gain cashback on the things I would have bought anyway

  8. I love using cashback sites and also receipt apps for when I shop in stores

  9. I like the idea of the To Good To Go app, so will definitely have to download this.